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Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you have not heard, let me explain...

Orginally posted September 12, 2008

When I had this conversation with Nicole EVIL MONSTER BOX Scherzinger on June 30, 2006 that was recorded for people all over the world to hear I mentioned something I called the "Jesus Signature."

I mentioned this, slightly in jest, because some people prefer to think of me as Buddy Christ and not the Reaper.  I am both.  You cannot change that.  I know you did not vote for me.  I only received one vote; HIS!

I mentioned the Jesus Signature as something that has a reference to Scripture when a Miracle occurs.  Certainly the ENORMOUS CROSS SHAPED CROP CIRCLE is a JESUS SIGNATURE event!

I had mentioned this on the phone with regard to the Miracle at Memorial in the 1982 Big Game in Berkeley.  I know it might have seemed strange and funny to many people.  Non-believers might scoff at the idea as a joke.  But here are the facts:  I was there to witness it.  It was a miracle.  I was a part of it.  And Kevin Moen was the first Cal player to touch the ball and the last.  Last was first and first was last.  The Jesus Signature on that event.

Even though no one was with me in person, I also PRAYED for Kirk Gibson's home run in the 1988 World Series.  A miracle occurred.  However, since I almost inadvertently threw myself off my balcony after that happened I realized in a very dramatic way that praying for such things is not the appropriate use of prayer.  Using Holy Power to influence sporting events is dangerous.  This was also a Jesus Signature event. 

Every time the Bibles you and I own have changed in my lifetime are Jesus Signature events.

The receipt of Glowing Beads was Jesus Signature event.

Splitting the Loc Nar marble at Lordsburg was a Jesus Signature event because it happened exactly as I predicted.  That I did not record it properly on video was Nicole's contribution because somehow her friends know too many specific details about future events and they like to tell me when things are going to get screwed up.  The Pussycat Dolls are a complete screw up.  Baby please I'll be fine I'm not one of these Ho's...?  You look like one of those Ho's to me.  But you are the Biggest Ho of them all.  And you will be No More.

Locking myself out of the car in El Paso is a Nicole moment because she is EVIL and the prime violator of Deuteronomy 18.  Predicting screw ups is her specialty because she is a screw up.
Surviving all of that just to get to Houston is a Jesus Signature event.  I even brought flowers to the show.  Jesus Signature.  The man who gave the black panther salute as I left Houston could also be called a Jesus Signature.

108 years after the Great Flood of 1900 is about to be repeated in Galveston and Houston.  You could also call that a Jesus Signature event.  I would not stop it even if I could. 

Remember me PCD and Texas.  That is where you turned me away first on this "Journey of the Mind."  PCD has always been ANTI-JESUS.  They promote sleazy cock sucking and lesbianism. Christians who believe in Gay Marriage are ANTI-GOD.

You are OVER!  Go back and read GENESIS Chapter 2 verse 24 again!

Testifying at the car wash.  The vision of George Bush being handed the blue scroll.  Yes, Jesus Signatures.

I hope you are all heeding the warnings of the "authorities" to survive this storm.  This one is HUGE.




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