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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The other guys that girls wanted me to defeat

posted March 31, 2009

Kalishnikof boy
9mm boy
.45 boy
tank killer boy
muscle boy
bomb boy
sniper boy
poison boy
pocket knife boy
kitchen knife boy
rich boy
younger boy
handsome boy
sexy boy
stupid boy
dart boy
show biz boy
shape shifter boy
lunatic boy
jealous boy
cruel boy
funny boy
gossip boy
married boy
greedy boy
arrogant boy
horny boy
glutton boy
angry boy
submissive boy
foreign boy

God sent me here to save the world. 
He did not send me to fight over you with some other boy WHO IS NOT ME.
He did not send me here to save you from yourself.
If you cannot make the right choices, I DO NOT NEED YOU

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