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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I must not be crazy enough.

I am often looking for more and more evidence of the crazy New Age crap that people think of as some kind of "correct Universal spiritual awareness."  It amazes me there are so many examples and people who are willing to eat this stuff up.  Here is another example:

This is an except from Building New Earth

I awakened to Shayla golden crystal city in late 2001. It was already there and was created the very moment i conceived. It is situated in south east ireland in the tranquil comeragh mountains and it's centre point is the great mountain Cruachan. It has a sister city in tralee which is in the southwest of ireland known as Alasia. It's keeper is my good friend and companion Sansia who works from the fifth dimension.

Shayla is home to the galactic and star fleets. It is also home to the faerie folk, the atlanteans, lemurians, dragons, pixies, gnomes and unicorns. The city is constantly expanding. It now reaches the full expanse of the comeragh mountains and it is strenthens all the time through human interfacing.

It boasts a wonderful idea of my good friend Daniel Jacob. Daniel has another sister city known as Chehala in the Olympic ranges of the usa. You can read more about it on his site. Anyway the idea is brighter days. A galactic space cafe that spans four floors and it has the appearence of an old cathedral. I

Entering it is a revolving door. My good friends Chyna and Vishna are among some of the staff. Vishna is famous for her amazing galactic lattes and steaming butter scones. The cafe also has guest quarters for those who wish to stay there. The cafe contains a jukebox of velourian design that contains every known song in the multiverse.

Favourite tunes always playing are the corrs and Krishna Das. So dream with me or meditate and take your awareness to Shayla and meet Sananda and Ashtar and many other good friends for a traditional evening of good wine and food. All the enjoyment is unforgettable. 

I guess my blogs would have more followers if I contributed even more bizarre stuff than this crackpot has posted (Galactic Lattes,yummy!).  Believe what you want; there are consequences.  These people are NOT my friends!

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