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Sunday, October 31, 2010

by Stealers Wheel

Well I don't know why I came here tonight
I got the feeling that something ain't right
I'm so scared in case I'll fall off my chair
And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am
Stuck in the middle with you

Yes I'm stuck in the middle with you
And I'm wondering what it is I should do
It's so hard to keep this smile from my face
Losing control yeah, I'm all over the place
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am
Stuck in the middle with you.

Well you started off with nothing
And you're proud that you're a self-made man
And your friends they all come crawling
Slap you on the back and say
Please, please.

Try to make some sense of it all
But I can see it makes no sense at all
Is it cruel to go to sleep on the floor
Yeah I don't think that I can take anymore
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am
Stuck in the middle with you.

And you started off with nothing
And you're proud that you're a self-made man
And your friends they all come crawling
Slap you on the back and say
Please, please.

Yeah I don't know why I came here tonight
I got the feeling that something ain't right
I'm so scared in case I'll fall off my chair
And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am
Stuck in the middle with you

Yes I'm stuck in the middle with you
Stuck in the middle with you
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

Ruhollah Khomeini vs Roger Mahony

first posted June 22, 2009

Khomeini: Tried to kill Jesus before he started the Islamic Revolution.  Never told anyone in Persia about that, let alone make it public to the world.  Secret alliance with Hitler?

Mahony: Never had the guts to talk to Jesus while people tried to kill him in his archdiocese.  He knows Jesus outranks him.

Khomeini:  Despite what he might know about the Qur'an it should be obvious to any Muslim that trying to kill the Messiah is a BAD THING and covering that up is worthy of everlasting abhorrence.

Mahony:  Built an expensive facility with everyone's best interest in mind without consulting Jesus about it.

Khomeini: Tried to kill the most important Jew of all time, threatened Jews all over the world, and blamed the Jews.

Mahony: Apparently dedicated his life to me and took an oath of celibacy, followed official church policy, spent his spare time with his mistress.

Khomeini: Has his picture associated with the government and the theocracy to the point of it being idolized even though all Muslims know that pictures of Muhammad are not supposed to be treated this way.  Only people that have been fed a mountain of lies could swallow treating this lunatic like a martyr.

Mahony: Some people think he is worthy of becoming Pope some day.

Khomeini: Thought progress meant turning back the clock to his version of 1300 years ago.  Provoked others and only told you what their reactions were, twisted people's words, stabbed people in the back.  Was exceedingly good at cursing people.  Made allies with the godless nations.

Mahony: So close, yet so far away.

A few notes about things

June 20th posting in 2009

I had the vision that was the update to CELL 3 in 2007.  The black hat on the ground next to the Aladdin's lamp.  The theocracy based on the teachings of a lunatic must come to an end.  The People of Persia can make this happen.  God is Great and He will reward those who follow the path of their ancestors that performed good works.  Everyone is a hostage of their own deeds.

I still find it surreal to travel in this country with so many churches and temples in my name and cannot seem to get much more out of any of them except a place to pray.  And yet I have still gone to them to INFORM them that Deuteronomy 30 had changed.  I had a very angry exchange with someone who heard me explain "all of this" back in 2007.  They still seemed confused.

The Heavy Metal issue of 2006 with my sister on the cover has appreciated to $7.00 in some places.

I was in close proximity to the Virgin Spaceplane's emergency landing.  I did not plan that one at all.

Christina; you must now know what it feels like to be my Mother.  She gave over too much of her life to my (blank) Dad thinking that he would protect her.  When you rely on one person for too much then you may become somewhat disabled.  A protector can become like a captor.  I have seen too many people "playing Charades" informing me you are attempting to empower yourself.  I need more than that. 

I am not here to save or forgive Los Angeles over myself.  That is why I left town. 

Here is one of the biggest conundrums of being me:  Having holy visions and dreams all the time can get overwhelming.  But lack of sleep that prevents them can be even more painful.

I have shown some people the picture I took of the car on the side of the road with the blown out spare.  Some reactions have been, "Oh my, God.  How scary.  You could have died."  My response is usually, "After what I have been through that was only about a four on the scary scale."  Car 63 does it again.  

Holy Energizer Bunny.

Another Crappy Curse Comes True

added to the blog on June 19, 2009

It is almost 3 years to the day from the conversation and yet another person's cursed prophecy has come true. I was riding on my doughnut and had a blowout on I-17. I brought it to the side safely. If only one of you rich ho's gave a damn then this would not have happened. 

No serious damage to the car.

Oh, by the way, happy birthday to me. Just another cursed day thanks to THE REAL BLOWN OUT DOUGHNUT, NICOLE SCHERZINGER.


Every Day is Purim

written for all to read and understand on June 15, 2009

This is my world and we are are all struggling to survive in it.  It seems to me that with all the people and things that follow me that I live in the middle of a grand charade that is an exponential version of a Purim Costume Party.  I warned people on June 30, 2006 that "The Longer You Take, The Worse It Gets."  No one in this vicinity has come close to restoring what has been taken from me.  You have succeeded in making my life much more complicated and painful than it ever was three years ago and I am still doing what I can to help people while I have been living in my car for about six months.  If you cannot accept my help than I cannot help you (Sea of Galilee).

I now reveal the following:

How the Modern Crusade/Jihad began

I know that the struggle between the right and the wrong the good and bad has waged longer than any of us can comprehend.  But I am speaking of how it started for me in this lifetime.  Read the book of Esther if you need some background refresher.

As I mentioned there was an attempt in Paris, France.  I cannot say I am anxious to go back there anytime soon.  There are reasons to go, but at this point I cannot see past the next hour.  I live in my car, remember?  None of my friends give a damn, let alone act like they do.  It's all my fault that doors get slammed in my face and there are so many people in the good ole USA that want from me but cannot give back?  This is a world full of fools.

First part.  Soon after my family returned from the Europe/Israel/bar mitzvah trip of 1977 someone told someone to tell someone and so on that the reason the short tour bus in Paris was left unattended for so long had a more sinister story.  I thought the driver just had to go to the bathroom really badly.  My Mom had started to panic and wanted all of us to get off the bus.  I remember how shaky the driver was when he finally got back in the driver's seat.  He was really sweating when he dropped us off.  I looked at him and patted him on the shoulder as I exited.  Isn't that cute?

Once I realized that someone had tried to blow up the bus I was more scared than I had ever been in my life.  I distinctly remember running to my room because it was so scary and I had a hard time coping with the fact that someone wanted to kill me and my family.  It took me many hours to get over it.  For some reason I consoled myself that God had protected us and that was the important thing.  Blowing up a tourist bus; what kind of evil, twisted, coward would do such a thing?
I still had no idea who this was or what he looked like.

Second part.  I have the dream where I asked God what it meant to be the Messiah.  The third part revealed the lunatic, and all the other lunatics that were like him.  The black dot was how this was confirmed on my face so that I, AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD EVER FORGET!

Third part.  I am watching TV in the same house and I see my enemy, who felt "Nothing" on his triumphant return from exile, exit the plane.  Someone asked me if that was him.

I responded "Yes."

I was asked, "Do we have to go to war with him?"

I responded "Yes."

I then looked down on the ground.  I knew with those two words I had just declared war; my words had that much ultimate impact.  I still had not graduated high school.  I knew a lot of innocent people were going to die.  The tears did not come right away.  I knew I had just done what God had commanded and that to identify and defend against the one who lied about being authorized by God must be stopped. In my adolescent mind I thought moving swiftly and decisively was the correct course of action.  If you asked me I expected him to be gone within a year, I suppose, but there is no way I would have made a prediction about that.  I did not complain that the MI5, CIA, or some other secret agency should have killed him in the time between the tour bus ride and his return to Persia.  That part had already happened.  The important part had to be done by me.

Did I ever dream that this war would still be going on?  Did I come close to comprehending how many people would be killed, maimed, scared, forced from their homes, and scattered around the world?  No, I had no idea.  However, all the rich refugees from Iran flooded the streets of the city I lived in so I knew firsthand what some of the problems associated with war are.  Real estate agents loved this time period in Beverly Hills because they were flooded with cash.

During my undergraduate years I read and watched many reports of how many people were killed and displaced.  When is this going to end, I often asked myself and this was before 1985.  I knew there would be enormous pain from this.  I never thought there would be so many mistakes along the way.  I never dreamed there would be so many people having children and sending them to war in response to just two little words.

A soldier is a soldier no matter what nation they serve.  I understand there would be many who would want to retaliate against me.  The retaliations have not killed me completely but you have to understand I did what I had to do. 

This country does not appreciate me.  They have not rewarded my valor again and again for serving so far from the front lines but "slightly to Hell."

You would have to understand the accumulated effect of all the conflicts in the region and those connected to them, and knowing, deep down, it all somehow connects back to you.  Why does Ruhollah Khomeini, the Haman worse than the first, get away free from blame just because he is dead?  The blame should rest on his shoulders squarely.  When did dying get people to stop placing blame where it should be?

Do you understand what a "warrior king" is now?  The king that yearns to be Prince of Peace?


Jesus vs the Succubus

posted June 12, 2009

It has been a contest, and I suppose the world does not deserve either of us.  Do you really think of Nicole as my match?  Do you think if the rest of you align yourself with her that it will solve anything?  Hardly.  After all the years I waited and suffered alone after saving you the first time I went along with the deal with this devil.  No one had offered me any alternative.  Others that might have helped never understood I was Jesus in the flesh.  How many times did my back go out?  How many times did you expect me to give you free advice?  How many movies, songs and TV shows should I hand over to you?  How many churches did you expect me to reconcile when NOT ONE invited me in? 

The rest of you forgot about me after I moved out of the house on Canton, at least that's the way I see it.  At least Nicky knew I was Jesus for a long time.  She just assumed I still wanted her after all the shit she pulled.  Before 2006, Kobe was the last straw.  How did he compare to getting your ass slammed by David Adefeso?  Who gives a shit?

I have at times between 1997 and 2006 explained some key parts of the Bible to people (The difference between "Thou shalt not murder" and "Thou shalt not kill") in the context of a casual conversation.  So when it was proposed that I survive a lot more frequent assassination attempts and then what?  Tell you how it feels?  Become "Car Show Jesus?" 

There were more people in the USA that needed to see Jesus in person?  Travelers from abroad that wanted to shake my hand?  A few times I needed to be profiled and shaken down?  Sent back at the border?  America does not own me, but the rest of the world never came forward either so whom am I to believe?  People that knew about the guy from 1996 and still wanted to know if he was still alive?  There were so many years you could have done this but I suppose I had to go through all my savings and credit to make OTHER people's dreams and visions come true.  But the love never really came back.  Women flee at the sight of me, but you get jealous if I look or talk to another one.  The person who told me she loves me the most is my lunatic sister.  I never got the "I love you, too."  I have been looking for all my life.   A woman who believes in me and is supportive.  Not a little girl with her hand out looking for what I can provide for her.  Everything is going to be alright?  No, it's not okay.

I accomplished what I set out to do.  You gave her too many cards to deal; it could not get done in time.

The following scene took place when I was shopping at the Marina liquor store, having lost my sobriety to the need to self medicate the swelling brain and pressure behind my eyes.  I am waiting in line with two large bottles of wine and cheap groceries.  I see Nicole's strut to the low wall outside and someone deposit a very large duffel beside her.  I know that strut by now, but as we can all read between the lyric lines (Wait A Minute) she was just after some dough; she never really cared about me.  Only what I could do for her.

I really don't want to stop for her.  She was supposed to get up off the sofa at the Grove years ago.  That is really when she could have saved herself.  As I walk past she shouts "She isn't gonna stop!" and turns away.  "Ok" I think to myself, "It's already a few months past GOD'S DEADLINE but I will give you one last chance to get this right."  I do not have X-Ray vision so I do not know what is in this duffel but her attitude is still all wrong and unless she can turn it around I want no part of any of it.  Sugar Daddy is GONE and her other friends are dropping like flies.  The black car had still not been retrieved and I was still driving the electric blue Mazda RX-8.  If I can tell what really is going on in that shape-shifter mind of hers she is finally convinced that she is the curse and it is way too late for anything.  It was never meant to be.

I set my bags down and I walk over to her.  I notice her hair is long, wet and straight.  This was an incredibly painful scene for me, so the following is the best that I can recall.  Strangely enough, I think this was recorded.  Maybe one day the rest of you will see and hear this scene.  I never heard the tapes from 1996.  I never saw the pictures people took of me unless I asked them to take pictures.  I never heard the conversation of June 30, 2006 replayed for me.  The rest of you have gotten your appropriate parts.  You took as much as you could from me.  Somehow you thought YOU owned the Messiah, when in fact I OWN YOU.  I am not Little Red Riding Hood, Dennis.  That bit I wrote in high school and repeated.  But even though God has given me the instructions, this world has essentially made it illegal for me to be Jesus in it.  Not my fault.  I suppose you can thank Neelam Vashi for keeping the nightmare alive.

ME: What's your name?

her: My name is Jen.

ME:  What's going on?

her:  I missed the boat and I have a lot of dirty laundry.

ME:  I'm sorry to hear that.  I'd invite you back to my place to do your laundry but we use a key card system and I don't have any credit left.

her:  I know of a place around here with an open door where you can sneak in and do laundry.

ME:  You know where you're going?  Sounds like you know what you're doing.

ME:  I was in the same position where you are now but I made a deal with an evil man.

her:  A Hebrew man?

ME:  No, an evil man.  He doesn't really care about me, but he doesn't want to have to bear the expense of burying me.  I don't have much but I am willing to share some of what this man gave me.  This should be enough to get your laundry done.  (I hand her a $10 bill from my fold of bills.  She takes it.)


ME: I know of a place nearby where you can do your laundry.  I can give you a ride.


ME: There's a place where I have done my laundry recently.  It's a good place.  You go down on Lincoln until you get to Ocean.  There's a mall across the street, there's an Albertsons there.  You can't miss it.


ME: Good Luck.

I see the black guy in an old beat up Honda Prelude who must have been her escort that day.  She can't really do much by herself.  It's very difficult to do much while being watched.  And yet, I have.  I am just one man.  Blame me for everything if you can try; there really is more than enough blame to go around.  Nicole can submit in a Baby Love video but not in real life.  It's just a dream, right.  Go back to sleep.

Do you think Moses could have parted the Red Sea with cameras around?  Do you think Gabriel would have relayed the Qur'an to Muhammad with a live video feed in place?  If there were, how many versions of the Qur'an would there be?  Would you be more interested in how many pretty ladies were in attendance at Sermon on the Mount?  If David revealed his plan for the Temple before he built it, how many critics would tell you how they could have made it better?  Do doctors think Krishna was a lunatic for Bhagavad-Gita?  He says he is God there.  Does that make any sense? 

How was it possible for Shiva to keep on living after he removed his penis?  Why is it someone like Confucius could not hold down a steady job?  Why are there so many statues of Buddha after he died but people tried to kill him during his life?  Why are you so in love with Mary even though she did not do much more than give birth to Jesus and show up when he was dead?  If she were interviewed by reporters would you believe what she had to say or would you try to read between the lines?  If Elijah told you of his plan to kill the evil priests of Baal he would be stopped, right?  The evil priests have basic human rights.  They should be allowed to practice evil rituals.  Who is this Elijah guy anyway?  What gave him the right to kill evil priests?  Just because he said God told him to do that?  That's crazy.

P.S.  Man does not live by bread alone.

The Conception of Sophia - A possible explanation

posted June 11, 2009

I suppose by now you might be wondering why I have been so successful at impregnating ladies without sexual intercourse.  This is not something I have been in complete control of.  I assure you I would rather be intimate with women the way other guys are but I acknowledge there are many things that are beyond my control.  However, people have also been attempting to make things even more difficult and complicated for me.  I cannot right all the wrongs.  I cannot excuse all that you could have, should have, would have done if you had just done the right thing the first time.  You only know what you know when you know it.  You only feel what you feel when you feel it.

The reality is I was never intimate with Sophia's mother.  This is now back in 1986.  My left knee was arthroscoped in April that year after I tore it up playing football with friends from law school.  I was at UCLA's hospital in Westwood for maxilofacial surgery.  I had a 9mm under bite.  My upper jaw and palate were removed, split, and set forward a few millimeters.  My lower jaw was removed and a few millimeters taken off of that.  Some of the nerves never grew back completely and I have numbness that has remained on part of my tongue and part of my face on the lower half of my mouth.  But I do have less TMJ and have not ground my teeth to nubs.

Imagine me as a puppet, lifeless and mouth wired shut at the end of God's hand.  He is on one side.  On the other side are supernatural entities of all kinds.  I will use "divine beings" without making a good or bad determination as to their state.  I am completely unaware of what is going on in the other dimension...

God: What is it you want?

db: We are concerned about the Son's future.

God: He will be alright.  I have a firm grip on him.

db: What if he dies now?  He will not make it to see Gloria.

God:  He will.  We promised him Gloria when he was just a boy.  I am protecting his life.  He will accomplish the assignment I set out for him. 

db: We think he should become a father now.

God: He is not prepared to be a father now.  He is going to need a lot of care now and he wants to finish his schooling.  He has been through an incredible ordeal.  You would have him spawn children the way people spawn churches.  I am more concerned with what was done with the implant he removed from his buttocks a few years ago.

db: What if he dies now?  The doctor said he has a heart problem.

God: He will pull through.  He has faith in me.

db: Look at the tubes they forced up his nose and down his throat.  He can barely breathe.

God: He is conserving energy.  I am disappointed the doctors are not listening to him.  He told them not to do that.  He had his nose fixed just a few years ago.  This will not make his sinuses any better.  The surgery has already adversely affected his skull.  I say leave him alone and let me take care of the rest.

db: He is very weak and thin.  If he dies soon then he will not complete the assignment you gave him.

God: Why do you persist in doubting me?  Think about how difficult it is for him.  Most people do not believe in him.  If we alter the story anymore he will find that even more difficult to cope with.

db: What about Nicole?

God: I took care of that with the assignment.  He will figure that part out soon enough.  Remember, I used him to kill a couple in Philadelphia.  That was necessary to achieve a greater good but that has also made things very complicated for him.  Further complicating the story will not help.

db: She's pretty.  We like her.

God: This will not make it easier for her either, but she is doomed to fail anyway.  The lusty ones always make things worse for everyone around them.

db: We think he should marry a black woman.

God: He has enough problems with black men already.

db: We say make him father now.  Otherwise we will start a rebellion against you.

God: Plenty of you defy me already.  How much more of this do you expect me to tolerate?

me: Lord, what is going on?

God: You don't want to know.

db: We believe making him father now is a good idea.  We will continue to misbehave and make things worse with the holy people.

God: I am completely aware of what the holy people are doing.  My Son correctly declared the jihad against the lunatic and his followers.  Unfortunately, those that follow Muhammad fight amongst themselves far too much.  Why does that struggle have to be mirrored in this place?

db: What if the Son does not get a chance to explain things to Gloria before she does the unthinkable?

God: Making him a father now will only make that scenario even more likely.  Why can you not follow my directives as I state them when I state them?

db: We are entitled to our opinions.  We like doing things our way.

God: I really do not appreciate all this turmoil.  I am the Creator.  Why do you resent me so?  Are you so jealous of my power that you would jeopardize the Son and the Creation?

db: Make him a father now.  We will protect the new offspring.

God: If I do this, I expect all of you to submit to Me and the Son later.

me: Lord, please tell me what is going on now.

God: I am sorry but it is best you do not know about it now.

db: Deal, Lord!  We will make it all better later.

God: I will win no matter what.  The Son and I will make sure that happens.  These offspring of his will not get along very well.  Those that seek to degrade him will be punished in my name.  There is no reason for this game to continue indefinitely.  I know when all this will end.  I will reign supreme in peace at that time and we will judge all of your actions and decisions at that time.

db: So who is it going to be?

God: Her, the one who is helping him in the hospital.  He likes her.

Victoria, You Took Too Long

posted June 10, 2009

Dear Vic,

Excuse me, but I don't care anymore.

I told you in 2004 that you had to act immediately in order for this to work.  For some stupid, stubborn reason you resisted.  Which is, of course, typical.  I do not have to explain everything to you.  I do not have to go over what you said in my Jeep when you became possessed.  Just that you became possessed should have been enough to let you know I did not want to hear any more about your powerful witch friends and all that crap.  Too bad the witches did not get the memo.  It is not my fault you do not communicate very well.

Let me see what else I can lob at your Turkian Skull.

Firstly, our covenant is over because you did not do your part.  My ultimate interpretation as to why Deuteronomy 30 changed the way it did: Do whatever you want with your life with my "blessing."

Let me see if I can answer all the other crap you gave me in the few months we were together, when you were not my girlfriend, because a decent girlfriend in the 21st century can stay the night ONCE and does not repeatedly tell the Messiah she is too busy.  I will also not forget all the times you told me "I'm Fa-a-at!" and "You suck."  Try taking all that back.  You can't.

1. What about the Cat People?  WHAT ABOUT THE CAT PEOPLE?

2. Who's that?  That could have been you, Nicole or both.  Now it is neither.

3. Who's Sophia?  I think we have all figured out who Sophia is.  I did not raise her.  She is not my problem.

4. What am I going to do about Kenji?  I told you he was not a problem then.  He became one.  Someone was supposed to get rid of that shape-shifter (Nicole's male counterpart).  But no one did.  So why should I give a damn anymore?

5.  If I do what you tell me to do will we get married?  Obviously not because you didn't and our covenant is through.  If you had done what I told you to do and not delegated your job to a bunch of amateurs you might have had a chance.  Getting a nose job before you did your part was not in the plan.  The conversation I had with Nicole on June 30th 2006 would have been much different had you executed instead of screwing around.  You lost, and last I checked YOUR PART OF DANIEL CHAPTER 12 WILL REMAIN INCOMPLETE.  Way to go!

Your fascination with anything else, especially "Mr. Iglesias" is now irrelevant.

I hope you enjoy being Druuna, 'cause "she's hot."

I Submit To You Again

from the June 9, 2009 post

Happy Birthday, Gloria.

You would have been thirty-eight today.

Today I lay all of this at your feet.

Everything that has gone wrong since 1996 I place at your doorstep, the one you could not cross over and join me.  I remember begging you to come with me.  All the bad things we were told about in the Year in the Dog Park could have been avoided if you had just come with me.  We got the AK-47 away from your cruel boyfriend, that incredible ass who thought he was God's gift.  May he rot in Hell.  I remember you thinking I should move in with the two of you and kill him for you.  I know that is how many of you girls think.  Save you by killing some guy for you.  This is reality; this is not a comic book.

I knew if you could just accept the fact that I forgave you and that I gave you credit for what we accomplished in 1996 that we would be a great team.  All the other suffering I have endured could have been avoided.  For all I know I would have been someplace else on March 9th 1997.  I knew you could be my ticket out of this nonsense.  But you refused me and I will never get down on my knees for anyone like that again.  There is nothing I could say that would approach that again.  It seems everyone is taking advantage of me today.  Every insult I receive is now because of you, my dear.  All the painful prophecies became reality because you could not make a simple step in my direction.  No wonder I am ready to cash it all in now.

Since then, I take sole credit for saving this planet.  Everyone else's prayers and meditations are no different than before.  I drove alone, spoke alone, and drew upon my vast source of personal power.  I tried my best to get at least one female in line properly.  None of you did what you were supposed to do.  Don't feed me some line about all of you being Magdalene.  That is just being soft in the head.

Decades of meals and sleeping alone.  Why did you do this to me?  How is it possible a twin can refuse her flame, especially me?  You wanted to help out after you died, but I did not want you to die.  I will never forget the most painful vision I ever had where God told me you were on our side for good and that you got your wish.  But what about what I wanted and needed?  Why is it every time I express that to people they ignore me?  Is it because you ignored me?  I know you thought you were just not worthy; to me you seem selfish.  Please don't tell me this will all work out for the best.  To me, I suffer because there are so many out there that owe me but have put me through living hell because they can get away with it.

There is no saving any of the other "mothers" out there.  How do I know where you are?  Why should I care if you can do no better than gesture at me or take another idea from my mind without even giving me a proper credit.  No wonder no one calls, no one visits, and the cops are all over me.  I suppose other guys are better for your egos than I am.

The rest of the world shall bear witness to why they have come up short.  It is because you came up short and every other woman has something better to do than help me.  I refuse to ask for their help now.  It is just too demeaning and I am sick of being turned down.  I look forward to seeing you in the afterlife.  Maybe we will spend an eternity together there.  This side makes me sick.


Jesus Krishna

Amazing Things I Hear Everyday

posted June 8, 2009

There was only one person who ever lived who was perfect and it was Jesus Christ.

The Devil is causing all the problems in the world.

We're only human.

There's a group of guys making all the crop circles.

Jesus put the Pope on the throne.

What kind of car is that?

You have to leave.

What's your name again, I forgot.

Can I get a cigarette?

Why doesn't God cure amputees?

Aliens?  Oh, C'mon!

I don't know what happened.

At least you have a car.

You just hit the nail on the head.

You should be thankful you still have your foot.

I know you lost your job.  It's tough out there.

You're a very cosmic person.

You can't just go around saying you're Jesus.

We want Moshiach, now.

P.S.  I ran into my old shrink today.  Talk about a good laugh.  He did not recognize me at first, but said he was glad to see me.  I told him I was homeless and had just gotten over a Staph infection in my foot.  He thinks the problem is that "we" decided to stop taking my meds.  And, by implication, my refusal to go back on them in 2007 was the problem.  Yeah, right.  I would be much more productive (and I mean passive here in sarcasm) if I was under his care.  He can cure me of being Jesus, or something like that.  I wouldn't speak out against those that have failed me.  People would not be ripping me off and it would change the whole world for the better. 

I do not want people to think I am anti-medicine.  But the meds he had me on for "too long" (my personal assessment) was part of my problem.  These meds turned me into a zombie and I slept way too much.  If I had been on them I might not have moved to the place in the Marina in time let alone predicted and made happen what I made happen since June 30, 2006, and so on.  I still have not had the heart to tell him about how HE has been made into a cartoon.

Follow this one.  People have thought of me as Hal Jordan, silver age Green Lantern, for a long time.  For a while Hal became the Spectre, who helps people cross over after they have died.  In one of those series there is a doctor who counsels Hal that looks exactly like my old shrink.  My doctor is the 21st century version of Sigmund Freud.  He looks a little like the Architect of the Matrix.  When I spotted the doll set of the doctor and the Spectre I had to buy it.    

You would laugh really hard if you saw him and the doll at the same time.  It's too bad they ended the Hal as Spectre series, but then again, no one was buying it. 

Some people never wake up.

God Was Never Confused

posted on June 6, 2009

God still acts the way He always has.  He will seek vengeance on those whom He will.  He can heal and He can afflict.  Back in the Year in the Dog Park someone asked me a question indirectly, because this person WAS a coward. 

The question was "Can God destroy Himself?"  I suppose in a twisted person's mind, that since I said "I put no limits on God.  He can do anything" that this person came up with the question I mentioned.  I was offended as this was clearly a possible query but was filled with passive-aggressive contempt for God.  I responded "Who asks this question?"  I wanted to see if this person cared to face me and ask this.  I said this person would receive their answer because I knew God Himself would answer.  I clearly saw this man's fate in my mind's eye.  This person was consumed in a pillar of fire.

How did I do it?  How did I know?  These are not easy questions to answer but I did see this person get the answer when I refused to answer the ridiculous question.  Some people's dialectic is just too screwed up to dignify with a reasonable answer.  I suppose we have Nietzsche to thank, as well as many others, for this type of God mockery.

I recently spoke with a very friendly woman in a coffee shop.  She helped me with the door as I was hobbled by my bad foot.  As we got going on a discussion she told me she did not believe in God.  I asked her "How many proofs of God would you need to believe?"  She sidestepped the question and before she took the conversation too far away from my question I told her the answer, "One.  You would only need one proof of God's existence to believe in God."  That is not to say I was telling her to follow a particular religion but with one proof you would know there is, was, and always will be God.  And truthfully, I could present a mountain of evidence of God's existence, many of which I have directly been a part of. 

You still choose what to believe but do not be surprised if you were to discover that people are trying to turn off and turn on the belief part of your body, which they say is in your brain.  With the world increasingly turning into noise of all possible varieties it is becoming more difficult for people to believe, let alone follow spiritual reasoning.  It seems the more people ask me the questions I can answer they interrupt me more frequently.  I suppose if I were to charge you admission to answer your important questions you would be more likely to let me finish answering one question before you feel you must ask another question.  I listen to Madonna's Sorry from The Confessions Tour because these days "I HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!  I HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!" seems to be my end theme.

Back in the Year in the Dog Park I said I could take "the money" because money could be donated to charitable causes around the world.  That type of infrastructure did not exist two thousand years ago.  But when asked if I would do commercial endorsements I said "No, that is where I would lose my soul."  My friends thought that answer was terrific.

On June 30, 2006 because some people appreciate my creativity and humor, I wrote a few commercials and other bits on the spot.  "Yippe kai yea, mini sirloin burgers"  was also my idea. "Cattle the size of schnauzers" was also my line.  I described the commercial where the mini cattle are being marched off.  Take it either way; a really fun and safe way to think of burgers or a method to convince your kids they are eating mini cows and they should not eat red meat.  It's up to you.

Why do I feel I have already lost my soul?

June 5, 2009

That is when I posted the blog that became my movie "Jesus & Little Girls."

Wait Ten Years

posted June 4, 2009

Think about this one for a moment.  What if someone told you, after you had accomplished the impossible several times (excuse me for leaving God out of this one for the moment) and then in order for you to be rewarded all you would have to do is wait ten years.  Would you accept that as reasonable?  Would it not make more sense to receive a down payment or a decent job in exchange for what you had done?

The next ten years you struggle as every one of your instructions for the rest of the world were ignored and people did the exact opposite of what you told them.  You know under a worst-case-scenario, last minute attempt to "right the world" that the disaster of 9/11 will happen almost precisely halfway to the ten year mark.  Despite your outward smile, you are miserable because you have a pain no one could possibly understand.  Movies, albums, and corporations make billions off your ideas in the world you saved.

Then at about the ten year mark your personal doppelganger calls up and starts making demands.  Prenuptial agreement, consort, and permission to make videos and use your property AFTER SHE HAD ALREADY DONE SO. Obviously wait ten years is a euphemism.  Survive through extraordinary pain is a better example.

How do you think I reacted when PROPHET EAMON MICHAEL called me up, about twelve years ago, and warns me "The Niggers are coming to get you!"  when you know that Elijah, who is African-American, is due in your neighborhood any day?  You know that as soon as Tupak got killed, more people would come gunning.  You want to see how Deep Space Nine comes out.  See how many times Wil Smith thinks he can be like you and how much he gets for that.  After ten years, even more people wanted a chance to kill you, deny you, and be like you.  And all this time you have to put up with people being inhabited, eat and sleep alone, and tend to your own wounds.

At some point you would get fed up with all this crap.  It might cross your mind that as "God as man" there were a large number of people that should have come forward to help you or reward you without screwing around.  And really, if you wanted the king so badly how about asking him "What must I do for you?  What do you need, sire?  What are my directions from the Lord?"  Suppose after getting into overtime and God tells you "time to quit" visions how much patience would you have.

Two months in the hospital.  No one came to visit or even called to tell me they wanted to try to come by.  A big chunk of flesh is missing from the bottom of my foot.  Maybe the "hands and feet people" want to show up before I have less than two hands and two feet.

What God & I can do to all of you is so much worse than what any person, place, or thing could possibly do to you.

How about the following...

God assumes control of H.A.A.R.P.?
Instead of a Finger in the Sky, Finger Punches a Hole in the Planet?  Makes 65 million years ago seem tame, let alone the "sky opening up and the ground shaking."
God rips a dimensional rift worse than the LHC could ever do?
You don't have to wait for 2012, aliens and all types of mechanical crap pours down out of the skies because they knew eventually none of you could love, let alone do what one king instructed, the way you should have.
The slaying of everyone ever born?
Necromancer Jesus with my armies of zombies and skeletons.  The more you die the more powerful my army becomes.
You go on destroying each other in rapid fashion and I watch it in Heaven like it's some kind of movie.

Do you really think I would put up with this nonsense much longer?

How do you know what will happen?  What do the future forecasters tell you now?

June 29, 1961

posted June 3, 2009

Carlos and don Juan cover themselves in bushes to avoid spirit faces in the wind. 

It sounds like a lot of hot air blowing to me.

Has this crossed your mind yet?

also added on June 3, 2009

Ok, so I have this daughter I never intended to have in the first place...

In Heavy Metal comic books she is a very beautiful, intelligent, nasty slut.  In the latest issue she tricks her Dad into having sex with her and initiates threesomes with her cousin.  Guys must really love this, and maybe women have some similar fantasies, too.

I find the whole thing to be incredibly humiliating.  It's not as though she has bothered to contact me and I had to risk my life to just get a chance to find her in the first place.  Why someone this intelligent does not see the resemblance or read the comic that has depicted her as this character for over a decade must seem like a joke to all of you.  Oh, and I will see if I can avoid getting angry, drinking or doing drugs over it as well because if I do, then I'M THE BAD GUY!?!?

Has anyone ever thought WHAT ABOUT THIS GIRL'S MOTHER?  Why did she avoid me for twenty years, not tell me she had my child, and expect me to find her twenty years later and fix everything magically?  I have to read comic books to get clues about the hidden nightmares of my life?  This lady lived in the immediate vicinity for over year but did not have the guts to TALK TO ME ALONE.  Maybe if you ditched the dufus you raised my daughter with for a few minutes AND GOT REAL WITH ME you would know how I really feel about this.  But you didn't, so why should I give damn?

I know.  This must all be MY FAULT because I obviously should know everything, I have oodles of time and money, and should have gone searching for this character a long time ago if they are avoiding me all this time.

Has anyone asked themselves, "What does this lady believe in?"  It's twenty years later did you think I was going to chase you down and reward you for all of this?


Is this a 311 or an 11-11?

from the June 3, 2009 blog entry


OMG!  Is this hysterical?  It appears 30 years and 11 months to the day after the Portuguese Man of War incident.  2 years and 11 months to the day after the phone call (Megaphone) and the accident.  Wait; did I tell you about that?

Right after the phone call with Kiss of Death I got into another Curse of Nicole Accident.  She told me not to go out that day; something bad will happen.  I was defiant by that point, she cannot tell me what to do...

I just had a simple errand to run.  I was stopped in front of the original Beverly Hills Post office on Santa Monica Boulevard.  The light was red and I was the third vehicle in line.  The light turns green and the first car in line pulls into the intersection.  The car in front of me did not move and I was still at a full stop.  I hear the vehicle behind me rev its engine and it plows into me.  I had not moved but this "guy" bufus my Liberty.  I am not making any negative aspersions here but this guy lives in the middle of West Hollywood, white BMW 3 series, white leather wallet, white leather Day Runner, really clean cut.  His friend comes to help him and HE was really Gay.  Enough said.  I settle up with this guy in as friendly a manner as I can.  It's clearly his fault.

The real problem here was for over a year the insurance company would not leave me alone about this.  After I tried to forget that I had gotten into YET ANOTHER ACCIDENT ON NICOLE'S BIRTHDAY, and all this other crap is going on the insurance company would not let it go.  My insurance office could not get this cleared up.  Long after the repair was done, my back felt better, and the suit settled, again and again for a year I got phone calls and letters that said this still had not been filed properly.  I called several times to get this case closed, faxes sent, letters sent more and more.  I was probably interviewed on tape five extra times.  I finally got on the phone with my agent because this is one of the reasons I was not insuring with his company anymore.  He had trouble getting this thing finally squared away.

It was one thing to get into this accident she had to warn me about but I was reminded frequently throughout the year, like I had nothing better to do than talk about this one over and over and over.  Talk about OVERDOING IT.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Natalie Portman to the Rescue...NOT!!!

a really important share from May 31, 2009

Wow.  Natalie Portman.  This has to be the most screwed up part of the story.  On June 30, 2006 Nicole informs me that Natalie Portman thinks she is the Natalie that Sydney Rushakoff spoke to me about before almost all these girls were born.  I was sure Natalie Temkin was the Natalie he told me about.  Considering the description I remember he gave me (Jewish and Beautiful?) it could have been either.  Natalie Portman has the same birthday (June 9th) but the wrong year (1981) as Gloria.  What does that mean?  Natalie Portman is delusional.

I find it hard to believe Natalie Portman has any interest in me at all considering up until that conversation Natalie Portman is far too busy with herself and perhaps creating a suitable "wife of Jesus" reputation.  All I could tell you is she is incompatible and we both hate Nicole.  Nicole tells me Portman wants my Jeep.  I make a lot of Natalie Portman and I fall in love jokes.  I tell the people I had not seen "V for Vendetta" yet.  Apparently Portman thinks I should see the movie.

I think if Natalie Portman wants me so badly she can buy the Jeep from me.  By the time I am ready to sell the Jeep, because I need to, Natalie Portman has not showed up.  She has a friend that was apparently running interference for her.  You see, Natalie Portman is too busy and important for Defender of Israel.  "Natalie Raps"  was supposed to be her way of saying she is like me.  Or thinks of herself as Ms. Reaper, or something.  Whatever.  She must think I'm a sick puppy not the man who survived countless assassination attempts so she could build a strong reputation of being the children's ideal queen of something.  Portman's friend in the vicinity knew I was interested in either of them, but at some point it is time to "piss or get off the pot."  Trying to chase down Natalie Portman is not on my agenda.

Portman does not show up in the period of time of my tenancy at Marina Harbor, when people were trying to kill me and the Torah was changing.  Apparently she cannot find Phoenix.  At one point during my stay with the drug addicts and ex-cons of TLC I tell them I must be playing "Waiting for Portman.  So, where is she?"  I can tell they think this is really funny.

By the time I get back to Cali I have a few run-ins with crazy old ladies.  Eventually, I see Portman makes the cover of VOGUE.  As bizarre as that sounds, I know that must be a clue Portman is about to show up; just really late.  I could use a hand.  I am about to get canned at Pep Boys because this is the world of "accept abuse from crazy old ladies, Jesus." 

I go to the Post Office one morning on one of my last days at work.  I know they are about to fire me because a crazy old lady (not my boss) in the parking lot and I got into an argument.  This crazy old lady tells the store manager I called her "a bitch" which I did not and because I got angry the crazy old lady began to cry.  Doctors and lawyers move in because the crazy old lady cried.  And regardless of all the people I helped in my time at Pep Boys in Mesa and Thousand Oaks my job is about to be taken from me.  This is my version of what happened next.

Before I go to work I was running errands.  As I walk out of the Thousand Oaks Post Office Natalie Portman walks in.  I notice her and she smiles in that "Oh my God.  Jesus noticed me and was checking me out!" smile.  I walk into the parking lot and there is my Jeep Liberty, right in front.  I walk around it to be sure that Portman has in fact gained possession of my Jeep Liberty because making sure Nicole does not get it is the most important thing. No, that does not make any sense to me, either.

Talking to me in person should have been the top priority.  Portman takes it for granted I am going to survive the Charades and assassination attempts and thinks if she gets a piece of my property then that means I want her.  It's really late in the game, there is no script here because this is real, but I decide to give her the chance.  This is Natalie Portman we are talking about; she is a really important person.

As I come around the corner of my old vehicle Portman exits the post office and runs to the Jeep's front door. 

Me:  "Is that a 2002?"  I am smiling at her with my "Wow.  Natalie Portman finally has time for me" smile.  I could really use some help here.

Portman: "Yeah."  She stops dead in her tracks.

Me: "I used to drive that vehicle.  Do you like it?"  Despite all the abuse and nonsense I am still in control.

Portman: Falls back first onto the drive's door. She is quivering as if she has never been this scared in her life.  "Yeah.  It's nice." she manages to utter.  She is shaking very forcefully by the time she finishes that sentence.

Me: "Good."  I think, okay is this where we fall in love?  I am waiting for her to deliver the next line.  I thought I looked okay that day.  I really don't think I am that scary; I was smiling and looking back and forth at her and the Jeep.  I think something along the lines of "Show me what you got, Portman because I could really use some help now."  I was not thinking "ANI MOSCHIACH, BITCH!" 

I would have moved a bit closer but remained a respectable distance away, because it seemed if I took a step closer she would have a heart attack.  I wait and wait.  She seems to be getting more and more scared.  I wonder "Why she is so scared?"  I have no idea, but she is.  This is not going well.  I let her I know how I feel about this by giving her the "V for Vendetta" grin and walk off.  "V for Vendetta" was not my idea but it is one of those prophecy movies, made by the creators of the Matrix, no less.  She holds up both hands in a very melodramatic "Ugh! stay away" gesture with both hands, gets into the driver's seat of my old Jeep Liberty and drives off. 

It had to be Natalie Portman's worst audition ever. 


By the power invested in me...

posted for real on May 30, 2009

BY THE POWER INVESTED IN ME BY GOD YOU MUST KILL MAHONY AND RATZINGER. The world hangs in the balance. The timeline has been altered you have not delivered anything as directed by June 30, 2006. I delivered all that was necessary by June 30, 2007.


I Had A Stalker. Her Name Is Nicole

Shared for all of you to know May 28, 2009
My Dad, the shape-shifter, promised my Mom that he would set up a foundation in her name after she died.  I was glad to help with this project and did most of the form filing and grunt work for it.  Although we had hopes this would become a large fund to help disadvantaged women it remained a fairly modest program.  Once we accumulated enough funds to make a decent donation to women who could use some help in their education or career advancement we began advertising in small periodicals for applicants.

Applying the concepts of prayer, repentance and charity in our daily lives is extremely important.  Merely talking or typing about it only goes so far.  You have to do it; you have to live it for it to be really meaningful.  My Dad and I often spoke about ways we could raise more funds and reach a larger audience but keeping in mind the costs associated with fund raising is important.  As much as we wanted this to grow into something larger we never really envisioned it to be the primary focus of our lives.  There are so many worthy charities out there competing for donations we were realistic about how difficult it would be to grow into something very large.  Helping women who needed some financial assistance was what was important no matter how small the donation seemed to us.

The second year we ran this charity we donated to a woman I thought was outstanding.  Her application seemed exactly suited for our yearly donation.  The women we chose had to be interviewed by my Dad, my sister, and me simultaneously.  If she could put up with that and survive then she would get the money.  I found this woman exceptionally attractive.  Women from my Mom's homeland have a special place in my heart.  She was also working in a field that was related to work I did.  After we concluded the interview I knew I wanted to spend some time alone with her.  After letting some time pass after the interview I asked her out on a date and was glad she accepted my invitation. 

I remember picking her up and one of her neighbors giving me the third degree.  Why what she did was his business was a bit unclear to me but for some reason this guy felt it necessary to protect her.  She finally made her way to my Jeep and we drove to the restaurant at the Grove.  There was a bit of that first date nervous tension which I broke with a joke about falafel.  Her laugh made me feel good and I got the feeling this date was going in the right direction.  I parked it in the Grove's parking lot.

When we got to the street level there was a crowd of about 30 people moving slowly like a death march.  My date, who does not really like crowds, cut through this obstruction quickly.  Her small stature and agile body sliced through it expertly.  I had to avoid people within this group with more difficulty as I struggled to keep up with her.  Halfway through this group of people I hear a "scuff scuff" of suede.  I look to my left.  There was Nicole with Talan's arm around her.  He looks at me and she looks away.  Apparently in her mind, if we do not make eye contact then it's like she's not really there.  It's a public place so I suppose this group of people are allowed there.  I just wish they wouldn't show up when I want to go on a first date with someone.

We get our seats at the restaurant and the diner seems to be going really well.  I am a flirt and given a chance I can make good headway in a short period of time.  At some point I realize she is getting uncomfortable.  I sense there is something going on to my right and I look over.


She's staring at us.  Her long, black, curly hair is framed by her infamous big glasses and hoodie combo.  I still know it's Nicole.  She is transfixed in a stare.  I gesture with my head, "Scram.  Get out of here."  Eventually she gets the message, crosses her arms and sulks off.  My date seems temporarily relieved but I can tell that she is disturbed that I have a stalker that I did not tell her about.  A short period of time after we concluded that date, I ask her out again, and without either of us making reference to the strange girl (who is a shape-shifter) that watched us she refused to go out with me again.

The Curse of Nicole had struck again.

Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth

This was 70 years BEFORE Nicole was born. ROFLMAO! 
Do you blame her for that or was it just a cosmic warning?

Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth (June 29, 1908)

The animals. Time, times, and half a time

shared on May 27, 2009

On June 30, 2006 I was reminded there would be a time where I would see three large raccoons and one small one.  I was asked to explain who and/or what they represented.  Just like the cows I saw on Interstate 5 so long ago I was asked to interpret them, but before I saw them.  There would be a nuclear family interpretation, local interpretation, and greater levels beyond that.  I did the best I could, but considering I was not expecting this question from the foul mouth demon I mistakenly chose to be my wife before she was born and who had already irrevocably ruined our relationship years before, I was not really at my best.  However, there has not been a woman in my life that has even come close to trying to take Nicole's place, I did indulge her.  But don't get confused; I do not really love this shape-shifter just because she took the time to harass me and screw (up) all the pieces of the puzzle that had been laid out for me decades before.  I knew there were other people that needed to hear the news.

One night, while sleeping at Marina Harbor I awoke and went out on the balcony.  I saw the three largest raccoons I had even seen in my life.  Raccoons are not that frequently seen in this part of town.  They appeared to be at least five feet in height to me.  There was one that was in front and two others that were following a few feet behind, walking side by side.  They were walking in the parking lot toward my balcony.  Although this type of formation of animals is familiar, I was still startled by their size and their approach.  Apparently, they sensed I was looking at them and they bolted to their left, my right.  There is a small group of bushes which separate the parking area from the zone where the fuel for the boats is stored.  The same area I was in when I had my encounter with Muhammad.  These bushes are not that large; I can tell there is not enough room for the immense raccoons to hide in.  But once they got to the bushes they disappeared into them.  That's when I was really astonished.  I knew ahead of time they would leave but they seemingly exited into another dimension.

I walked back into my apartment dumbfounded.  Were those raccoons real or was I still dreaming?  They looked real but I was still a bit confused as to their true nature.  I know raccoons can get very large but to see them at that location was virtually unheard of.  The way they disappeared also defied explanation.  That I saw them did not seem to add much of an explanation as to what it meant.  I decided to go back to sleep and perhaps getting some rest would help me figure this puzzle out completely.

I had a difficult time sleeping and was awake about an hour later.  I went out on the balcony again.  A smaller raccoon, much closer to normal size, was at the far end of the parking lot from my apartment.  I saw it emerge from the awning covered spot where the park bench is located.  I saw it move from my right to my left and then it disappeared behind some cars in the parking lot.  I had witnessed the Raccoons with my naked eyes in time, times and half a time.

Now fast forward to the end of my tenancy at Marina Harbor.  I had already cut my ties with my Dad who is a shape-shifter and like Pharaoh to my Moses.  No one from shape-shifter Cleopatra's clan had bothered to show up, but a lot of people were playing Charades with me in the parking lot basically telling me what enormous whores all these people are.  Money and time were running out.  Soon it is time for the Holy Days.

I go to Chabad for Kol Nidre.  Before I go to services on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar I read the LA Times.  Three blue whales had died around Los Angeles county. One was going to be dragged up to Point Mgu for a necropsy.  It is difficult to describe the depth of my connection to the blue whales.  Back in 1996, they were believed to be extinct.  I told people we could pray them back.  Their population has made a steady comeback.  Knowing three had died in my vicinity gave me an anguish I cannot describe in words.  People who know about "animal signs" might call this one the largest one ever.  I decided that I want to see this animal, even though I might not be able to help much, because I am horrified that my suffering has resulted in what I would call three whale suicides to tell me, get the hell out of Los Angeles.  The crows had replaced the other birds in the neighborhood for a few months already.  People are obviously incapable of appreciating me.  Blame me for having blind faith in people.  The celebrity bitches cannot be bothered to help you, you should know by now.  Leave at once.
Going to Point Mgu is a violation of every rule associated with observing Yom Kippur.  I did not have much money and I was in more debt than I had ever accumulated before.  I arrive at the gate and I am not allowed in because I am not on the list.  How many times has the Messiah not been on the list?  I had emailed ahead of time.  The specialists never responded to my emails after I heard about the dead blue whales.  They must think I am an insane idiot or something.

I go there anyway because those whales meant more to me than any of you that never figured out you have to do what I told you to do.  Call it a type of demonstration or protest.  Do not ignore my warnings or innocent people will die.  But you avoided me anyway.  You prefer the violators to me.  Nicole, you thought the whales were the same as the worms in "Dune."  But the worms were alive when Paul transmuted the water of life in a movie.  My whales died because you showed me you really never loved me or appreciated what I did for you in 1996, before that, or after that. 

Abandoning me because you are arguing amongst yourselves, or are intimidated, or are too busy or for whatever reason is not acceptable to me, God, divine beings, or animals.  God has not forsaken me.  You are all a bunch of screw ups; you are all "Nervous Mindy."

There is no way I will forget the blue whales, ever.  Does anyone else have the courage to face me now and get real about accepting my demands?  No, obviously not.  I am surrounded by ignorant sacks of shit that only want cigarettes from me.  They still think their king is their brother.  They have no idea that they have made heroes out of people who obstructed justice but have made money selling clothing with their name on it.  I am just like anyone else here to them.  I have been hospitalized for a month and a half and no one has even bothered to ask if they can visit.  That speaks volumes.

Get ready folks; I am so easy to find and yet you have lost me.  The dark age is about to begin.

Perhaps you should get Radha (perfect little girl), Laxmi (one head, had two bodies), and Durga (one body, two faces) together.  Beg them to stop Kalki.  Even though Jesus Krishna, who is the voice of Kalki and commanded Kalki's finger in the sky, says you will fail, try this experiment.  What do you have to lose, except perhaps the Cosmos?  The three little girls are perfect.  They never did anything wrong, and besides, they are just little girl goddesses.  You can't really blame them for anything, right?  Men will line up and pay good money for the opportunity to have sex with them.  It's not like any rich girls would pay Jesus Krishna to have sex with them.  They just wanted his semen so they could have their own Jesus Baby without him. 

It's too dangerous to be around Jesus Krishna anyway.  The world abuses him and he has become a monster and a cartoon; he is unstable.  There are so many more men who are suitable.  If he is lonely, that can only be his fault, right?  Who cares if he lost all his money chasing after selfish bitches?  There must be someone out there for him, right?  He should get some help.

Maybe Jesus Krishna is the fickle one, women are not fickle, RIGHT?  Women know what they are doing, RIGHT?  Women should be running this world, RIGHT?  Especially THE LESBIANS, RIGHT?


I Don't Need A Man, explained

blogged on May 26, 2009

There was an episode a few years ago when someone asked me, on Nicole's behalf, what I wanted.  I joked that I had not gotten laid in awhile and if she had money for it, she could send me a hooker.  I know that sounds bizarre but "little wife" from "Get Over Yourself" should have figured this one out.  The only requirement was that it not be her.  Keep in mind, people were telling me Nicole was engaged to this guy or was getting married to another guy and wanted to know what I thought about that.  She and I were supposed to get together later, and the first priority I had was to eliminate my evil sister because she had interfered too much in my life and almost screwed up the first saving of this world.  This is on top of the fact that she did try to get every single one of her scummy boyfriends to take me out.  That is the bizarre reality of SBK.  They all want me to die.

Leora could not help at all and even went so far as to try and seduce my roommate, whom she had no clue was her brother. The last thing I needed was to have to deal with that type of incestuous nonsense.  The soap opera was complicated enough as it was.  She did not know he was her brother; she just wanted to get involved and screw my roommate.  If only my shape-shifting Dad had a clue years ago, but then again he is a shape-shifter so he has changes of heart and mind all the time.  Gemini Moon only makes it worse.  My Mom was trying to tell her all this time, "Leave him alone."  My Mom had mentioned several times she thought my sister was confusing me.  That would be an understatement.  She would probably want to take credit for what I accomplished.  Her lies often make it sound like I copied her when she in fact has copied me.

Anyway, the first ho that showed up looked like a hermaphrodite to me.  I think she had male pectoral implants instead of standard breast implants and her attitude was all wrong.  She opened her trench coat in the hallway to reveal herself and had this "Don't you want some of this" attitude.  Thanks, ho.  I'm the Messiah; you are alive because of me.  How dare you come to my abode and act like I'm some dick that would screw a very experienced looking hermaphrodite?  On your knees, or at least be a little discreet about it.

You-know-who called up later and wanted to know why I did not like the gift.  I do not remember my exact words but I did let her know I was not interested in that gift.  I was also in the process of contacting Turakian Bitch and getting my sister eliminated.  I told people long ago, even though my sister HAD TO DIE I could not kill her myself.  Unfortunately, you-know-who had gotten word that I had made contact with Victoria and got jealous.  You-know-who was going to do something about it.  But as she always does, she was going to do it completely wrong.

Sometime after that, based on a subsequent conversation, I knew a "new package" was going to arrive that day.  Unfortunately, I got on the phone with my evil sister that day and she drove me up the wall as Satan Bitch Khomeini always does.  That day I was ready to kill.  If I could reach through the phone and kill her I would have.  She was doing her typical evil victim routine and blaming my deceased Mother for everything.  She was not following any of the things my Dad and I had told her and was causing a lot of painful drama.  She was a disaster after my Mom died.  A parasite needs a host.

Just a bit after I got off the phone with She-Haman there was a knock at the door and I opened it.  Nicole had stepped back and to the right and was standing there in a trench coat.  Without saying a word she opened it revealing a two piece outfit that might as well have been made out of dental floss.  My brain froze as I looked her over.  She looked really tasty but I could not shift gears mentally, and besides I specifically said that this present was not supposed to be her.  If I had taken her inside I thought I might hurt her.  You have to understand; Victoria was supposed to do what was scandalous, not Nicole.  Nicole the star, Victoria the queen.  But in retrospect, these two could not even get their roles straight so there is only so much I could do about it.  Surprising guys, especially me, at the wrong time can have serious consequences.

I struggled to say something to Nicole; I felt I was palming the world in one hand and trying to keep the plan in place without offending her.  I remember saying "This is not a good time."  In retrospect, that is really funny to me but it came from moment of mental anguish.  Thinking outside the box and not following instructions are not the same thing.  Sometimes they are, but not always.  So many girls just not following my lead has been what drives me insane.  Girls.  My weakness.  But if I reward bad behavior then it sets the wrong precedent and I would really have only myself to blame, right?

I walked past her.  Most guys would have taken her inside and had their way with her; the rest would have jumped her in the hallway and not cared who saw what.  She took this as a personal rejection, but I was just showing her that you have to do what I tell you in order to gain my love and respect.

She explained on June 30, 2006 that this episode was the motivation for "I Don't Need a Man" and why PCD was dressed in trench coats (secret agent prostitutes) for the "Wait A Minute" video.  Can they now explain why they could not help me in person and do no better than point at me from stage as people tried to kill me on the Back to Basics tour?  No, not really.  They really have no good excuse.  I gave them plenty of time.

Since when does Jimmy Iovine run my life?

Nicole, you should have sent Beyonce Knowles.

Analyzing Jesus

from the blog entry on May 22, 2009

There is so much going on in this world but sometimes I see the world as split in half.  Not necessarily the righteous and the wicked or right and wrong.  It is more like the people that think they understand me now and the people who are still dissecting Jesus.

Allow me to have a talk with those who are still dissecting Jesus.

Please be honest with me.  There are still so many things about Jesus we do not know.  It has been so much easier to study and analyze me compared to him.  It has been so much easier to follow and photograph me than him.  How can you claim you know him so much better than you know me?

Why are all the holy things associated with Jesus part of his death?  The shroud and the spear, specifically?  What about the things Jesus made with his own hands while he was alive?  Wouldn't those items be more worthwhile and valuable to analyze and preserve?  Wouldn't those things have some real holy power?

Jesus was a carpenter among other things, right?  Where are those items?  A dresser or a table or a bed box?  Didn't he make a cloak rack for someone?  Wouldn't be great to study some of Jesus' craftsmanship in those items?  Look!  Here is something Jesus made with his own hands.  Wouldn't those things be really valuable?  What happened to those items?  Did they all get destroyed?  Did people fight over them?

It is possible Jesus had customers that really didn't understand his preachy stuff but really liked what he could make out of wood?  Do you think those people told him he was causing unrest and should give up all this prophecy nonsense?  People would be better off if he just kept quiet, went about his business and acted like "a good little boy?"  "The Romans are in charge, Jesus.  What do you expect to do about it?" they might have said.  "I'm worried about you, brother."

How many scoffed at him?  How many claimed to be better than him, more powerful?  How many thought they could perform even better than he did?  When I think about Jesus of 2,000 years ago I imagine someone who did his work in the midst of incredible chaos and pressure.  People scoffing and cursing him constantly, not just when he was crucified.

Nowadays people hear about what I've done and ask if I have pictures of it.  Did you remember to video tape it while you are doing it?  Do you have photographs of what happened back in 1996?  You should have, you know, that would have been better.  The whole point of back then was I knew people were recording and photographing me then.  I didn't have to photograph myself.

I didn't really NEED the camera to fulfill a prophecy until 2006, right?


Steve Fosett made a point of seeing me, without making an appointment, twice before he died.  He and I have an understanding; we would have been friends under different circumstances.  That's what I believed on June 30th, 2006.  He knows I did not think of him as my enemy but it's not like any of you wanted the nightmare to end for me anytime before he died.  He and I are now inextricably linked forever, and do you want to know the truth?