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Friday, October 29, 2010

Richard Lewellen aka Mr. Briefcase

added to the blogspace on May 12, 2009

I know there are far too many people that would want me to be quiet, however I feel it is necessary to explain things.  I know it might seem strange to know JESUS SAYS SOME PEOPLE MUST DIE for others to live, but that is the way it is.  It's your choice to believe me or not. 

It's much better for you to believe me; just do it.

Richard Lewellen was someone I went to high school with.  I recently exchanged some emails with him to see if he remembered certain events that took place while we were in high school.  He told me he did not.  Too bad; they did happen and I really don't care what he has to say about it now.  I remember them quite vividly more than twenty years later.

I have mentioned several times in this blog space how God revealed my mission to me.  There were so many people that were asking me what it meant to be the Messiah because they knew that is who I am.  I knew God could describe it best.  The same night I asked Him to explain it, at least the same way He did to Moses, I had that dream.  In 1996, I was asked if the producers of Star Trek could make a series about someone like me and if he could be a black man.  I agreed.  The pilot episode of Deep Space Nine is the science fiction version of that dream.

Back to high school.  I go to school the day after I have the dream.  People notice I have this black dot on my cheek and I tell them about the dream.  Things start getting strange, even for high school, for me.  The assignment part is what I describe for Richard and others.  Soon Richard starts coming to school with drawings that attempt to depict what I saw.  At first there are some accuracies and some inaccuracies.   I remember one version had Roman numerals and I made sure those were removed as God did not show me Roman numerals in this dream.  Getting all four squares correct was important: space ship, coffin, Persian archway with a black cowboy hat at the top above the Aladdin's lamp, and the unusual creature standing upright in the white hooded outfit, had to be depicted as I saw them.  After a number of discussions and versions I was eventually shown one that was uncannily accurate.  "That's it" was what I said when I was shown that final version.

During that year I remember going to the movies with my friends all the time.  Heavy Metal and Kentucky Fried Movie were two that we liked a lot.

You might think that would be enough.  Fellow students and teachers became inhabited by strange beings at inopportune times.  They would ask me questions or shout at me and these people would not remember a thing about any of it after they came back to their senses.  This is not the type of thing I have been able to turn off easily.  Divine beings of unknown origin to me have done this throughout my life.  In retrospect, I give myself a lot of credit for graduating high school and gaining admittance to a good university at all.

Richard also was aware of what some of my schoolmates had said and started bringing other pictures to school.  Before high school, I was once in a Sunday School class and the instructor was going over the Vision of Ezekiel.  "What do you think this is?" he asked the class.  I told him it sounded like an automobile.  It is how Ezekiel was shown an automobile in terms he could understand, far before the automobile was invented.  During Madrigal class in my senior year something inhabited Joel Pressman and he started asking questions about the Vision of Ezekiel.  I still said it was some kind of car.  Soon thereafter, Richard shows me an illustration: It's me in the future, there is a black hot rod in the picture, I am wearing a black stocking cap with a swoosh logo and a large dark overcoat.  There is a large wooden staff in one hand upraised.  I remember having a lot of questions about the car.  Eventually he tells me the car is a modified 1992 Ford Thunderbird.  He tells me this in 1980.  If you saw me driving from Los Angeles to Houston in 2007 then you saw that picture come to life.

Another picture Richard showed me was really bizarre.  I am dressed up like a crazy clown and I am decapitating my Dad in a guillotine.  My Dad has a long forked tongue and all his teeth are fangs.  Someone had a vision of me decapitating my Dad.  Or at least wanted me to believe they did?  Try to imagine what that would have felt like, if you can really imagine that at all.

I also remember Richard showing me a picture of myself, in the future of course, dressed all in orange, some strange sunglasses on, and holding some other items in my hands.  He tells me "This is what you wear the day your sister dies."  So since high school I have been repeatedly told Dad and Sister will and must die.  I have the orange outfit and wore it in 2007 the day SHE SHOULD HAVE DIED.  But she is still around.  Is that my fault?

Now you should understand why I have certain resentments against certain people.  Talk is cheap and so are depictions of strange events that are going to happen in the future if no one is able to make them happen.  Time is running out people.  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, especially the enemies of the Messiah.  You want me to save you, don't you? 

Don't you?

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