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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ides of March and the Salute Outside San Diego

posted March 15, 2009

I check in at the Del Coronado.  Strange things start to happen.  A young Asian lady gets squirted on the cheek standing behind me in the lobby.  I wait for someone from this tour to show up in the fancy suite I stay in.  I had been asked on June 30, 2006 why someone believed "ING" had something to do with me.  After a smoke, I carve this into the sand-filled ashtray outside the hotel: "NOT RUSH ING" in three horizontal lines.  I watch the video that mentions the famous people who love the Del Coronado, including the Anti Christ Jodie Foster.  Ugh!

The next day there are about 30 people surrounding my vehicle.  I do the Jim Carey "Five dollars a picture" routine.  It is difficult to get somewhere in this car if you are in a hurry.  It truly is one of a kind and everyone wants to talk about it.

I go to the stadium that is the next stop on the Back to Basics tour.  There is a strange assortment of people milling about, strange even for Southern California.  I am not allowed inside to investigate so I walk around.  While I am at the car in the lot someone who looks like Nicole comes out of the stadium.  I move toward her as she approaches a car flanked by black men, which is on the other side of a large white truck.  This girl looks at me as I look at her.  She walks in a straight line quickly, does not move toward me at all.  If you want me to SAVE YOU you have to take at least ONE STEP in my direction.

The girl disappears from view behind the white truck.  I was far enough behind the white truck to see another set of legs exit the truck and enter the car.  These two girls pull a "switcheroo."  I hear the black BMW's engine start and the girl behind the wheel leaves the parking lot in haste.  This is a bit of Hollywood stuff and I decide NOT to chase whomever is in the black Beemer.  The white truck takes off quickly then comes back and parks just a few feet in front of my car.

I call my shape shifter Dad.  I tell him this is all wrong.  If this girl really wanted me to save her she would believe I could, move toward me or at least say something.  A high speed chase after someone I really don't know is foolish.  I roll back to the Marina and do not attend the San Diego show to communicate to these girls that this type of show biz crap is an insult.

Ides of March message.  My sister is vulnerable that day.  Kill her (the REAL PRIME DIRECTIVE OF 1996, not GIVE NICOLE WHATEVER SHE WANTS) in the hospital, you know, like you did with Tupak?  What happened the gangstas I thought were on my side?  You prefer fake teeth and fake titties?  Shame on you!

Ah! What Could Have Been.

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