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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Implant

posted March 2, 2009

I do not believe in friendly aliens.  I really never did, and the battle of 1996 was won when I declared I wanted them all out and would not pick and choose between "good aliens" and "bad aliens."  That was just expecting too much from me.

When I was an undergraduate at Cal I "disappeared" a few times.  At least once each year.  When I was at Cowell Hospital being treated for chicken pox I disappeared; I was under quarantine and knew I was not supposed to leave the room.  Somehow, I left the room anyway.

The following year I disappeared again.  By this time, it was almost became "normal" for me to disappear during the night.  I was always abducted while I was vulnerable and asleep; usually after becoming very intoxicated.  Just after I awoke, one of my brothers mentioned "You disappeared again last night."  My sarcastic response through my hazy hangover, "I'll try not to do that anymore."

A day later I noticed a swelling on my buttocks.  After manipulating this mound, something popped out.  It looked like a piece or film or microfiche; it was made of that type of flimsy type of material.  It was about the length of my index finger and it had alternate white and black cells.  I looked at it with my magnifying glass but no additional detail was revealed; it just looked a little larger.

I showed it to one of my brothers and we attempted to determine what it was and what I should do with it.  I knew it wasn't the symptom of some disease, but on the chance I was wrong, I decided to go to the hospital with it.  I spoke to a woman seated at a desk, assured her this was not a hoax or practical joke.  I wanted to know what this thing was.  She seemed a bit hesitant when she saw this thing I had wrapped in Kleenex and aluminum foil.  She told me to check back in a week  for the results.

A week went past and I returned to the hospital.  I saw the same woman at the same desk.  She recognized me and stepped away from the desk to see what she could tell me about the foreign body I had extricated from my butt.  After waiting for about fifteen minutes the woman returned and told me, "We don't have it anymore."

The language here was clear.  The item was no longer in the possession of the University, or so I was told to believe.   But the woman did not deny that I had brought the item there and that it was once in their possession.  I was told it was gone and therefore I had no recourse to retrieve it or learn more about it.  However, she did assure me it was not the symptom of some kind of disease.

The space that this thing was in reacted badly to the implant.  Eventually, I developed a lump in that area.  At the same time, I was more preoccupied with law school, preparations for a maxilofacial surgery (which was planned ahead of time), and knee surgery (which was not planned ahead of time).  I got the lump removed and have a scar where a "dried apricot" sized lump was removed.

This item, this piece of evidence is probably the biggest mystery of my life.  Who abducted me?  How did they do it?  What was it anyway?  My theory is that it was some kind of holographic storage media, the cells made me think of 3D glasses.  Perhaps this item contained futuristic information, information about events that had not occurred yet in 1984.  Was there some kind of reader for it placed somewhere?  Did someone develop one?  

And why am I being kept in the dark about all of this all this time?

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