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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Victoria, You Took Too Long

posted June 10, 2009

Dear Vic,

Excuse me, but I don't care anymore.

I told you in 2004 that you had to act immediately in order for this to work.  For some stupid, stubborn reason you resisted.  Which is, of course, typical.  I do not have to explain everything to you.  I do not have to go over what you said in my Jeep when you became possessed.  Just that you became possessed should have been enough to let you know I did not want to hear any more about your powerful witch friends and all that crap.  Too bad the witches did not get the memo.  It is not my fault you do not communicate very well.

Let me see what else I can lob at your Turkian Skull.

Firstly, our covenant is over because you did not do your part.  My ultimate interpretation as to why Deuteronomy 30 changed the way it did: Do whatever you want with your life with my "blessing."

Let me see if I can answer all the other crap you gave me in the few months we were together, when you were not my girlfriend, because a decent girlfriend in the 21st century can stay the night ONCE and does not repeatedly tell the Messiah she is too busy.  I will also not forget all the times you told me "I'm Fa-a-at!" and "You suck."  Try taking all that back.  You can't.

1. What about the Cat People?  WHAT ABOUT THE CAT PEOPLE?

2. Who's that?  That could have been you, Nicole or both.  Now it is neither.

3. Who's Sophia?  I think we have all figured out who Sophia is.  I did not raise her.  She is not my problem.

4. What am I going to do about Kenji?  I told you he was not a problem then.  He became one.  Someone was supposed to get rid of that shape-shifter (Nicole's male counterpart).  But no one did.  So why should I give a damn anymore?

5.  If I do what you tell me to do will we get married?  Obviously not because you didn't and our covenant is through.  If you had done what I told you to do and not delegated your job to a bunch of amateurs you might have had a chance.  Getting a nose job before you did your part was not in the plan.  The conversation I had with Nicole on June 30th 2006 would have been much different had you executed instead of screwing around.  You lost, and last I checked YOUR PART OF DANIEL CHAPTER 12 WILL REMAIN INCOMPLETE.  Way to go!

Your fascination with anything else, especially "Mr. Iglesias" is now irrelevant.

I hope you enjoy being Druuna, 'cause "she's hot."

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