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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Least Important Person In The World

posted on March 11, 2009

I told you who is most important. So who is least important?

"His name is Chris Geisler!"  Yeah, yeah.

Nicole told me about him June 30th 2006. What an asshole!  Chris works and lives at 54 W. Southern Ave. in Mesa, Arizona. He's a fat troll who would be the Trainman from the Matrix. What a slug!  He is usually awake in the middle of the night alone in the kitchen.  LOL!

Of course, the reason I am even there is I know the truth and America has been fed a false bill of goods for too long. Truthfully, it is mostly because Nicole doesn't care and no one else could be bothered to share.

The guys who welcomed me to TLC knew I wasn't acting. The Messiah barely made it out of Los Angeles in one piece. Malibu and San Diego erupted in flames right after I left Southern California. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

I made a lot friends with the ex-cons and drug addicts there. They know I am real. The celebrihos most of the rest of you worship are bullshit. They are what they are because of my sacrifices. They should pay me to suck my dick!

One night at TLC I have a vision, a large pair of tweezers spinning upward in what is clearly Marina del Rey. I had told the guys that Nicole told me about Chris Geisler. What's his birthday any way?

I had eaten 3 large poppy-seed muffins in the space of twelve hours as I could not sleep. Whatever you do, I'm thinking, don't do it. Sure enough I get surprised by a drug test that morning by a new manager on the property and test positive for opiates. The muffins Chris Geisler bought and put out for us to eat.

When asked about it, Chris Geisler says that's not the reason I tested positive and I get kicked out. He clearly enjoyed bearing false witness against me. No, that's not okay..

I say roll him up!
Go to Hell, Chris Geisler.

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