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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is this where I went wrong?

from the March 17, 2009 post


Never tell a woman you wrote a poem for her when you wrote it for someone else.  She usually can tell right away, and if not, you will have Hell to pay when she does find out the truth.  On the other hand, no woman should ever conclude a man wrote a poem for her when in fact, he wrote it for someone else. 

A woman should never be considered a mannequin for another woman's poem.

Nicole!  You really went wrong there.

Perhaps these two, composed back in 1995-96 might explain a few things to those who have at least slightly warped brains.


Like a gentle jester
I glide through the air
my only wish is to delight
the halcyon world below
then your trace
burned a bright shadow
across my route
the world opens it's arms
to embrace me
as I plummet

The perfect ideal

Running and hiding
Is how I show my devotion
A perfect ideal cannot endure contact
With the article of it's creation
I know you're imperfect
But I have to maintain its virtue
Love is such an arduous task
Why did you have to be real?

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