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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is this a 311 or an 11-11?

from the June 3, 2009 blog entry


OMG!  Is this hysterical?  It appears 30 years and 11 months to the day after the Portuguese Man of War incident.  2 years and 11 months to the day after the phone call (Megaphone) and the accident.  Wait; did I tell you about that?

Right after the phone call with Kiss of Death I got into another Curse of Nicole Accident.  She told me not to go out that day; something bad will happen.  I was defiant by that point, she cannot tell me what to do...

I just had a simple errand to run.  I was stopped in front of the original Beverly Hills Post office on Santa Monica Boulevard.  The light was red and I was the third vehicle in line.  The light turns green and the first car in line pulls into the intersection.  The car in front of me did not move and I was still at a full stop.  I hear the vehicle behind me rev its engine and it plows into me.  I had not moved but this "guy" bufus my Liberty.  I am not making any negative aspersions here but this guy lives in the middle of West Hollywood, white BMW 3 series, white leather wallet, white leather Day Runner, really clean cut.  His friend comes to help him and HE was really Gay.  Enough said.  I settle up with this guy in as friendly a manner as I can.  It's clearly his fault.

The real problem here was for over a year the insurance company would not leave me alone about this.  After I tried to forget that I had gotten into YET ANOTHER ACCIDENT ON NICOLE'S BIRTHDAY, and all this other crap is going on the insurance company would not let it go.  My insurance office could not get this cleared up.  Long after the repair was done, my back felt better, and the suit settled, again and again for a year I got phone calls and letters that said this still had not been filed properly.  I called several times to get this case closed, faxes sent, letters sent more and more.  I was probably interviewed on tape five extra times.  I finally got on the phone with my agent because this is one of the reasons I was not insuring with his company anymore.  He had trouble getting this thing finally squared away.

It was one thing to get into this accident she had to warn me about but I was reminded frequently throughout the year, like I had nothing better to do than talk about this one over and over and over.  Talk about OVERDOING IT.

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