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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ruhollah Khomeini vs Roger Mahony

first posted June 22, 2009

Khomeini: Tried to kill Jesus before he started the Islamic Revolution.  Never told anyone in Persia about that, let alone make it public to the world.  Secret alliance with Hitler?

Mahony: Never had the guts to talk to Jesus while people tried to kill him in his archdiocese.  He knows Jesus outranks him.

Khomeini:  Despite what he might know about the Qur'an it should be obvious to any Muslim that trying to kill the Messiah is a BAD THING and covering that up is worthy of everlasting abhorrence.

Mahony:  Built an expensive facility with everyone's best interest in mind without consulting Jesus about it.

Khomeini: Tried to kill the most important Jew of all time, threatened Jews all over the world, and blamed the Jews.

Mahony: Apparently dedicated his life to me and took an oath of celibacy, followed official church policy, spent his spare time with his mistress.

Khomeini: Has his picture associated with the government and the theocracy to the point of it being idolized even though all Muslims know that pictures of Muhammad are not supposed to be treated this way.  Only people that have been fed a mountain of lies could swallow treating this lunatic like a martyr.

Mahony: Some people think he is worthy of becoming Pope some day.

Khomeini: Thought progress meant turning back the clock to his version of 1300 years ago.  Provoked others and only told you what their reactions were, twisted people's words, stabbed people in the back.  Was exceedingly good at cursing people.  Made allies with the godless nations.

Mahony: So close, yet so far away.

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