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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wait Ten Years

posted June 4, 2009

Think about this one for a moment.  What if someone told you, after you had accomplished the impossible several times (excuse me for leaving God out of this one for the moment) and then in order for you to be rewarded all you would have to do is wait ten years.  Would you accept that as reasonable?  Would it not make more sense to receive a down payment or a decent job in exchange for what you had done?

The next ten years you struggle as every one of your instructions for the rest of the world were ignored and people did the exact opposite of what you told them.  You know under a worst-case-scenario, last minute attempt to "right the world" that the disaster of 9/11 will happen almost precisely halfway to the ten year mark.  Despite your outward smile, you are miserable because you have a pain no one could possibly understand.  Movies, albums, and corporations make billions off your ideas in the world you saved.

Then at about the ten year mark your personal doppelganger calls up and starts making demands.  Prenuptial agreement, consort, and permission to make videos and use your property AFTER SHE HAD ALREADY DONE SO. Obviously wait ten years is a euphemism.  Survive through extraordinary pain is a better example.

How do you think I reacted when PROPHET EAMON MICHAEL called me up, about twelve years ago, and warns me "The Niggers are coming to get you!"  when you know that Elijah, who is African-American, is due in your neighborhood any day?  You know that as soon as Tupak got killed, more people would come gunning.  You want to see how Deep Space Nine comes out.  See how many times Wil Smith thinks he can be like you and how much he gets for that.  After ten years, even more people wanted a chance to kill you, deny you, and be like you.  And all this time you have to put up with people being inhabited, eat and sleep alone, and tend to your own wounds.

At some point you would get fed up with all this crap.  It might cross your mind that as "God as man" there were a large number of people that should have come forward to help you or reward you without screwing around.  And really, if you wanted the king so badly how about asking him "What must I do for you?  What do you need, sire?  What are my directions from the Lord?"  Suppose after getting into overtime and God tells you "time to quit" visions how much patience would you have.

Two months in the hospital.  No one came to visit or even called to tell me they wanted to try to come by.  A big chunk of flesh is missing from the bottom of my foot.  Maybe the "hands and feet people" want to show up before I have less than two hands and two feet.

What God & I can do to all of you is so much worse than what any person, place, or thing could possibly do to you.

How about the following...

God assumes control of H.A.A.R.P.?
Instead of a Finger in the Sky, Finger Punches a Hole in the Planet?  Makes 65 million years ago seem tame, let alone the "sky opening up and the ground shaking."
God rips a dimensional rift worse than the LHC could ever do?
You don't have to wait for 2012, aliens and all types of mechanical crap pours down out of the skies because they knew eventually none of you could love, let alone do what one king instructed, the way you should have.
The slaying of everyone ever born?
Necromancer Jesus with my armies of zombies and skeletons.  The more you die the more powerful my army becomes.
You go on destroying each other in rapid fashion and I watch it in Heaven like it's some kind of movie.

Do you really think I would put up with this nonsense much longer?

How do you know what will happen?  What do the future forecasters tell you now?

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