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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jesus on Crutches...Again

from the post of April 3, 2009

Apparently while I have been waiting for the Catholic Church and the rest of the world to get its act together I have fractured my foot. I am on crutches. Homeless Jesus on crutches.

Whomever had the Jesus on Crutches vision, SHOVE IT! Are you satisfied, now? I have been on crutches before. But if MY CHURCH doesn't bother to inform people throughout its hierarchy to TAKE ME BACK, then I wind up homeless and eventually my body will give out and I am on crutches.

Do not blame me! I am reasonable and logical. I cannot reconcile "oath of celibacy" and "pedophilia." Those two just do not compute together in my mind. Nor do VERY EXPENSIVE FACILITIES in the archdiocese where I was born, raised, and suffer.

I thought the whole point of a church bursting with images of me was to make it easy to recognize me when I came back. So what is taking so long?

I have said for years I would not start my own NEW FAITH. Maybe it is time for that.

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