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Friday, October 29, 2010

More About Not Being Worthy - What Is The Truth?

posted on May 18, 2009

Too many want to convince ME that the part I said about "If you love Father or Mother" part was about Love in general.  That you have to be loving to be worthy.  Not really.  That is important, but if you do not love ME, personally, more than you love anything else then you are not worthy.

So let me spell it out for all of you:


You love the Holy Spirit more than you love me
You love the Virgin Mary or any other figurine more than you love me
You love the Universe, and remember it's GOD'S UNIVERSE, more than you love me
You love some other guy more than you love me
You love some woman more than you love me
You love any version of Scripture more than you love me
You love your life, which would not exist if I had not saved all of you sinners and saints twice, more than you love me
You love your kids more than you love me
You love your animals more than you love me
You love your possessions more than you love me
You love any ritual more than you love me
You love any activity more than you love me
You say you want me, now, but tell me I have to leave


God conscious
Krishna conscious
Christ conscious

Are all the same thing.  It has just been much easier to shoot at, curse, ignore, revile, deceive, and steal from me than the others.  But I am the easiest to talk to.

A few words about the Truth.

I was in my hospital bed during last night's moderate earthquake that was really close to the hospital where I was born.  The shake was quite strong.  First thing I did was go to USGS (did you feel it?).  It said 5.0 on the Richter Scale.  I was about 5 miles away from an earthquake measured 8.4 miles deep, so that's pretty close to the epicenter.

Someone had the TV on and "they" said USGS reported 4.7.  Is there much of a difference on the scale?  Yes.  Exponential scale.  A 5.0 is a few times larger than a 4.7.  A 5.0 is ten times stronger than a 4.0.  You do the math...

Is this another one of those perception vs reality things?  Was it really a 5.0 as the site had reported originally but 5.0 "sounds too strong" and 4.7 doesn't sound so bad so someone decided it "really was just a 4.7?"  I'm not so sure, but I have been telling people the temperature in SoCal often gets predicted and reported a little under because people freak out when we go over 100 too often and too long.  It's not really that hot.  Don't worry about melting ice caps.  Go back to doing whatever you're doing everything is going to be alright.  Pick up some garbage, hug a puppy, watch the game, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT PEOPLE.  SOMEONE COMMANDED GOD'S FINGER IN THE SKY IN 2006 LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD TEN YEARS BEFORE BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO DO WHAT HE SAYS JUST BECAUSE HE DID THAT.  JUST BECAUSE HE GOT DRESSED UP AND WENT TO SAN DIEGO'S COMICON (THE EPICENTER OF HYPOCRISY) AND SAID THERE WOULD BE A SIGN FROM GOD IN THREE DAYS TO REPLACE THE CRUCIFIX AND A 900 FT CROSS SHAPED CROP CIRCLE APPEARED THREE DAYS LATER IS JUST A COINCIDENCE.  IF HE REALLY HAD ANY BRAINS HE WOULD NOT BE HOMELESS.  HE WOULD JUST GET A JOB, RIGHT?  JUST IGNORE THE MESSIAH, WE HAVE A MUCH BETTER LOOKING HOLOGRAM PLANNED FOR YOU.  ROCKIER AND SEXIER AND HE WON'T REALLY ASK YOU TO DO SOMETHING.  THERE REALLY IS NO GOD ANYWAY.  HOPE UNITY LOVE SEX DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD.  THERE WILL NOT BE ANY REPERCUSSIONS. GO BACK INSIDE, NOTHING TO SEE, BELIEVE IN CARTOONS, THERE ARE NO MIRACLES, JUST WORK REALLY HARD AND YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU.

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