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Friday, October 29, 2010

A few words about my Mother

posted on May 9, 2009

Although people still think of "Mary" as the mother of Jesus, it is about time you knew a little bit about the mother of the Messiah, this time around.

My mother was born Tamar Katzenelson.

She was born in Haifa in 1928.

Her mother died giving birth to her.

She spent the first few years of her life in an orphanage, her life there was made a bit easier because of donations from Berl Katzenelson.

She fought against the British and reached the rank of Sergeant Major in the Israeli Army.

She won a beauty contest during her tenure in the Navy.

Prime Minister Ben Gurion gave her the "Gold Bullet" the top award for enlisted soldiers.  This award was presented to the top 100. 99 guys and my mother.

She had the audacity to divorce a man my grandfather had arranged for her to marry.

She came to the United States in the late 1950's.

She worked in a factory, so she could put my Dad through school.

She gave birth to my sister, who is a perfect 60 year cycle (allowing for leap years) of Ruhollah Khomeini on May 7, 1960.

She planned on having me and naming me after my grandfather.

When I was born a woman came to her and told her I was going to be the Messiah. She told this woman, whom I believe was a nun, "No, he is going to be the President of the United States."

She discovered my Dad was a shape-shifter while I was in high school. When the situation became too disruptive, she and I had an inside joke as to why she was wrong about my Dad being a shape-shifter. This joke made her laugh, but it did not change the fact my Dad is a shape-shifter.

She asked me if she should divorce him. I told her that was her decision to make, but if she did, I would stand by her decision. I knew she told me the truth when she told me he is a shape-shifter. She decided to stay with him.

God protected her from several attempts on her life. At least one when I was there (an attempt in Paris, in 1977, that was ordered by Ruhollah Khomeini) and one when I was not.

She was with me the following year on Hawaii's big island when I survived the Portuguese Man of War incident (Birth of Nicole Scherzinger, who is also a shape-shifter).

About a year after that, while asleep in her house I had a dream where God explained what I had to do. I awoke with the black dot on my cheek. One of the things God told me there is a serious problem with lunatics like Ruhollah Khomeini. He also told me about the problem with shape-shifters, even if they appear friendly.

Occasionally she would put a black dot on her cheek, like the one I received after God explained my mission to me, because she wanted to "be like me."

Mom used to say "You don't love me" because, for some reason, she told me she "didn't feel it."  I once bought her a golden heart that is asymmetrical because it also represents "mother and child."  The Mother and Child.  At first she could not understand it completely.  Then she fell in love with it.  She wore it all the time.  Soon thereafter, she began to see the future when she wore it.  She soon found it necessary to take it off because it was "too powerful."

By 1996, I had discovered a half-brother she never told me about. I confronted her about it. She neither admitted nor denied it. I was upset she would not give me a direct answer.

This half-brother helped me significantly when the 1996 end of the world scenario was averted. I let him know she was his mother. People told me then, indirectly, that she was going to die within about three and a half years.

When I told her that the Book of Daniel had been altered the first time (alien ship chapter removed) she understood that I had succeeded in accomplishing the first part of what God had set out for me.  Ironically enough, she made sure to confirm what I said about the Book of Daniel changing before she realized I knew what I was saying and doing.

My Dad and my sister sucked the life out of her. They have been my biggest opponents. If I did what they told me to do, then most of the people, places, and things you take for granted would not exist. They are both interested in what happened to the "Gold Bullet" which has not turned up since my Mom passed.

They fought over her dying body in 1999 while she was nearly comatose. Luckily, I missed that episode.

After she died most everyone I know abandoned me. Now, it is much much worse. They have abandoned me because I am poor. Women think there is something wrong with me because I never got married.

A few years ago I took back possession of the Mother and Child charm necklace.  I wear it now.  I have seen the things my mother has seen, lived through them, and seen all of it squandered because of the incompetence, indifference, and ignorance of everyone around me. 

If you think you can force me to forgive you because "I have to" then you don't know me AT ALL. 

I have a few "Baby Mommas" out there.  I have not spent the night with ANY of them.  Not one of them has discussed the child and how it has been reared with me AT ALL.  Can you imagine what I think of them today?

No one wants to believe much of this, but I would not lie about any of it.

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  1. hi your mom was married to my grandfather
    and the half brother of yours might be his son,,