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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

JESUS destroys ATHEISM - Ammunition for Believers (with some additional detail)


In this blog I want to give a bit of further explanation to one of the statements in the above video.

Atheists, real atheists who claim there is NO GOD and not the soft-minded people who cannot even define what they believe in, must believe that "Scriptures, all religious Scriptures, are complete falsehoods."  What does that mean?  If there is NO GOD, which I know to be false, then all holy books cannot be at all true.  From the atheist perspective there is no difference between holy books and fiction.  All of the events and prophecy and words were made up by someone or a group of people to attempt to influence, deceive, or entertain people that do not know the difference.

This is false.  Equating holy books and fictional books is not valid.  Perhaps it is because the stories in holy books are so closely similar to fictional books that the soft-minded see them as the same.  The truth is that the writers of fictional books have been heavily influenced by holy books.  Most have read at least one, if not many, of the legitimate holy books and have attempted to recreate fictional environments that resemble the fantastic events legitimately recorded in holy books.  That is why they are similar; not because holy books are fiction but because fiction writers have been influenced by the stories in holy books.

Now do you understand?

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