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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The President

posted the first time on March 3, 2009

Back in 2004, I was the President of the Synagogue For The Performing Arts. Think about that for a minute...

None of my "friends" bothered to attend one of those monthly services. We had one of the best cantors in the world and two of the best rabbis. The Messiah as President. Not one of my "friends" even bothered to show up. Think about that for a minute. All of the celebutards in Hollywierd knew I was there. They never bothered to show up. You would think they would. But I was "on stage" making sure "that show" was running right. I guess they could not handle that.

Most of them would tell you I have a good voice. I am comfortable speaking in front of people. They might have learned something in my temple. They might have stolen another joke. The only person I can remember showing up that was not a member was E. G. Daly. She is a Powerpuff Girl and the voice of the pig from "Babe." She also sings. Think Tila Tequila but not so popular. I greeted her from the stage. I went to high school with her.

But as everyone should know by now, my Dad went there twice (the second time to introduce the new wife) and my sister went there once. Why should anyone else bother attending?

The strangest irony of that year was someone wrote an expose article for the LA Weekly, more like a hatchet job really, on the entertainment temples in Los Angeles.  This writer tried to goad me into making negative comments by telling me the other rabbis made negative comments about my temple.  I refused to do so, especially since he could not reproduce audio of them making these comments.  I decided to not run for re-elction when the board of directors voted to cancel a Sabbath service against my persuasive argument against it.  I picked up the LA Weekly the following day with the article on the temples in it, which made many of us in all the temples seem extremely petty. The only mention of me was a paragraph that began, "Tobias would not say..."

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