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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mr. Clean

As of today, I have been sober for three and a half years and off my drug of choice for eleven years.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Reviewing another book

Dr. J. Craig Venter is probably the most famous person you have never heard of.  His life is chronicled in his autobiography, "A Life Decoded, My Genome: My Life.  Many people are aware that the human genome has been mapped in the last few years.  What that means for the rest of us is being debated all over the world.  There are probably many people who barely comprehend what an incredible achievement this is for science.  What many people are not aware of is the central role Dr. Venter has played in this astonishing research.

The book explores the odyssey of Dr. Venter's life, from his early childhood to the present day.  What many people might find surprising is how fractious the scientific, political, and business fields are where genomic research is concerned.  While reading it, I felt Dr. Venter gave as candid an assessment of himself and the world around him as possible.  I have often discussed the topics of "nature vs nurture" with people and I was pleased to see that in many instances Dr. Venter is not completely convinced we can attribute everything about human beings to our genetic nature.  He frequently leaves open the possibility of our environment explaining much about who people are as individuals.  However, that the research he has been a major part of has given the world amazing insights into the causes and effects of our genetic identity is one of the greatest contributions a person can bequeath to the rest of us.  His discussion of the methods he has used throughout his career is extensive and readers will gain an appreciation of how much time and effort has gone into unlocking the mysteries of genes.

I believe many people can understand that knowledge can be dangerous and that there are many possible negative outcomes possible when people can simply "read a person" from looking at their genome.  I am satisfied that Dr. Venter realizes many of the implications, both positive and negative, of what this field of science has revealed to us.  I also think people might be surprised that we do not know everything about human beings, and many other species, based on this area of science.  Dr. Venter does in many instances explain that the more we have learned in this field it has also revealed how much more we do not know.

If there is one area in this book that I found disturbing it would have to be on page 284 where Dr. Venter talks about his blue/gray eyes and perhaps makes a slightly too pithy remark about the dust cover of the book.  On the cover his eyes are a very vivid blue.  In all of the pictures I have seen Dr. Venter he has gray eyes.  I made some remarks about Dr. Venter on June 30, 2006 (during my phone conversation with Nicole “an admitted shape-shifter” Scherzinger) and his gray eyes.  I admit to being bit disappointed that someone decided his eyes are not blue enough and made them “very blue” for the dustcover.  I have encountered many people that cannot seem to be very forthright about their eye color.  What does that say about us as people?  I posited the theory that we could conceivably tell a lot about about people and their genetic makeup merely by scanning their eyes, particularly their irises.  That might be explained in a another book.

I know that many people might consider this to be a strange tangent, but considering that so much has been devoted to this area of research do you agree with me that we should have made some startling discoveries about our origins and the preponderance of shape-shifters from this area of study?  Considering the amount of blood and other fluid samples science has access to, we should have isolated what makes people's eyes change color and teeth change shape on a regular basis?  If you really have taken notice of people around you then you would have noticed these are not just do to lighting circumstances, but is genetic, and in theory could be isolated?  Aren't we overdue for a time when we all stop ignoring the evidence of species' code being the result of genetic contributions from a variety of planetary origins?

If science could finally confirm what I knew over thirty years ago then perhaps there would be fewer people who consider me to be insane or confused.  Those who know what I said about other scientific areas, also about thirty years ago, know that those theories have been confirmed by scientific methods in more recent times.  This is not about a need to be acknowledged with any major awards, but simply to confirm that I did in fact know what I am talking about all this time.  Someone like Dr. Venter would be essential in this type of scientific revelation.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sounds Like an Echo

In an attempt to stay current with developments in Japan, after the catastrophic earthquake, I tuned into Rachel Maddow's show and heard her use the term "radioactive lava."  I do not believe I have heard any person use that term...

since I did on June 30, 2006.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Winning and Going Viral

Welcome to the world of Pissed-Off Jesus, Second Time Around.

Yet another of the seemingly impossible to predict events, that I did predict, has come true.

And my video, with many shots of Anti-Christ Jodie Foster and one of Charlie Sheen, has netted my account its highest view count ever.

Go there!

Everything you need to know is there.

I am planning a "prophecy update video."  

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lost Decade - Introduction

These posts, which I will attempt to connect in a coherent fashion, will be my attempt to answer the question “Where have I been all this time?”.  I see it differently, of course.  To me, it is more like “Where were you?” and “Where were they all this time?”

It sure seems to me like I have done everything all by myself.  In my “Jesus, the Messiah” capacity I have to request that you remove the plank from your eye before you try to remove the plank from mine.  I have had an enormous amount of pressure and opposition to deal with.  So many people in my family and in close proximity were very detracting.  There was so much talk about what I should not be doing and no one offering any alternatives.  Few offers of help and a tremendous number of personality conflicts.  I had put everything in place to save this planet if a few people followed their assignments and a lot more people believed.

I have always been a skeptic, a “show me” type of person.  However, once I have seen something, in an absolutely verifiable way, then I am a believer.  Mostly what I was surrounded by were people that were not believing and people who refused to look.  There have been many people who wanted to be a part of something for their own benefit.  There also have been many people who could not fathom how their participation hindered me more than helped me.  So many people who did wrong but somehow found great consolation in not being the ultimately worst person.  These posts will explore what it was like to be left alone all that time.

By my calculations, there have been 3589 days between my move in date at 740 S. Burnside Ave. and the day I spoke with Nicole Scherzinger on June 30, 2006.  That day I called her back after retrieving the message she left for me while I was preparing to move to Marina Harbor.  It was not the first time I had ever spoken to her, although I joked quite often that we had never spoken on the phone before.  It certainly was not the first time our paths had crossed and it would not be the last.  But these posts are not about what I call “the most bizarre co-dependent relationship in the history of the world, if not the Universe.”  These posts are intended as an adjunct to what is already present in this blog.  I will attempt in this series of posts to describe the very important events that took place in those 3589 days between the Bible Code I end of the world and the conversation Nicole and I had at the threshold of the Bible Code II anticipated end of the world.

What Justin Timberlake and SNL Knew by Jesus Krishna

In defense of A.A.

Today I want to mention a few things about Alcoholics Anonymous and the other twelve-step programs.

Since they have received some substantial negative publicity lately, due to some high profile people saying some negative things about them, it seems to me they deserve to be described from the proper perspective.

Despite the criticisms, twelve step programs are not cults.  The twelve step programs do work for people who do the work required.  No one pays for what they receive from twelve step programs; they survive on contributions from those that choose to contribute.

Twelve step programs are like just about everything else in life; you get out them what you put into them.  No one can make you clean unless you want to be clean.  Desire is just the beginning part; you have to do the work yourself.

Criticizing twelve step programs for a low success rate is like saying not everyone who buys exercise equipment gets a much better body right after purchase.  You have to use the thing properly to receive the benefits.

I hope this makes sense to you.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Very Interesting Jewish Non-Sequitur

Rabbi Adam Jacobs: A Reasonable Argument for God's Existence

Amazingly, this passes for news these days. Theists who can equate the odds of scientific fact occurring with faith. This is very compelling for those who are still curious about whether we can prove God and whether what scientists theorize, and have only provided scant evidence of, is of similar believability.

However, if Rabbi Jacobs could show some "real chutzpah" and proclaim that EVERY TORAH in existence was altered by Hashem the way I, Binyamin Maakavi shel Elohai Elohim said it would then EVERYONE would have the unquestionable, undeniable, proof of our Creator that they need. To my knowledge, he has not done so. Why? Because Jews are incapable, especially Rabbi's, of admitting that their ancestors were wrong about me. Even though the evidence can be found by ANYONE who has access to a Bible and knows what it said BEFORE June 30, 2006 and how my prophecy of words and strokes changing came true; as I said it would and when I said it would.

Talk about avoiding the OBVIOUS that everyone should know by now.

Wake me when this is all over!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Apropos of Nothing

"Winning" lyrics by Santana

One day I was on the ground
When I needed a hand
Then it couldn't be found
I was so far down that I couldn't get up
You know and one day I was one of life's losers
Even my friends were my accusers
In my head I lost before I begun

I had a dream but it turned to dust
And what I thought was love
That must have been lust
I was living in style
When the walls fell in
And when I played my hand
I looked like a joker
Turn around fate must have woke her
Cause lady luck she was waiting outside the door

I'm winning
I'm winning
I'm winning
I'm winning and I don't intend losing again

Too bad it belonged to me
It was the wrong time and not meant to be
It took a long time and I'm new born now
I can see the day that I bleed for
If it's agreed that there's a need
To play the game and to win again

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bagpipe Music by Louis MacNeice

I just read this poem for the first time the other day. 
It seems so contemporary that I thought I would share it.

It's no go the merrygoround, it's no go the rickshaw,
All we want is a limousine and a ticket for the peepshow.
Their knickers are made of crepe-de-chine, their shoes are made of python,
Their halls are lined with tiger rugs and their walls with head of bison.

John MacDonald found a corpse, put it under the sofa,
Waited till it came to life and hit it with a poker,
Sold its eyes for souvenirs, sold its blood for whiskey,
Kept its bones for dumbbells to use when he was fifty.

It's no go the Yogi-man, it's no go Blavatsky,
All we want is a bank balance and a bit of skirt in a taxi.

Annie MacDougall went to milk, caught her foot in the heather,
Woke to hear a dance record playing of Old Vienna.
It's no go your maidenheads, it's no go your culture,
All we want is a Dunlop tire and the devil mend the puncture.

The Laird o' Phelps spent Hogmanay declaring he was sober,
Counted his feet to prove the fact and found he had one foot over.
Mrs. Carmichael had her fifth, looked at the job with repulsion,
Said to the midwife "Take it away; I'm through with overproduction."

It's no go the gossip column, it's no go the Ceilidh,
All we want is a mother's help and a sugar-stick for the baby.

Willie Murray cut his thumb, couldn't count the damage,
Took the hide of an Ayrshire cow and used it for a bandage.
His brother caught three hundred cran when the seas were lavish,
Threw the bleeders back in the sea and went upon the parish.

It's no go the Herring Board, it's no go the Bible,
All we want is a packet of fags when our hands are idle.

It's no go the picture palace, it's no go the stadium,
It's no go the country cot with a pot of pink geraniums,
It's no go the Government grants, it's no go the elections,
Sit on your arse for fifty years and hang your hat on a pension.

It's no go my honey love, it's no go my poppet;
Work your hands from day to day, the winds will blow the profit.
The glass is falling hour by hour, the glass will fall forever,
But if you break the bloody glass you won't hold up the weather. 

If you want to read more about the author;
Wiki on Louis MacNeice

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just for laughs...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Christina Aguilera Arrested for Public Drunkenness

Christina Aguilera Arrested for Public Drunkenness

Even though I refer to this wench as C*ntina Fuckulera for being a completely worthless and useless person that stole my child and did not do a damn thing to help me at all, I still think of the song "Hot Mess" when I see this picture.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I must not be crazy enough.

I am often looking for more and more evidence of the crazy New Age crap that people think of as some kind of "correct Universal spiritual awareness."  It amazes me there are so many examples and people who are willing to eat this stuff up.  Here is another example:

This is an except from Building New Earth

I awakened to Shayla golden crystal city in late 2001. It was already there and was created the very moment i conceived. It is situated in south east ireland in the tranquil comeragh mountains and it's centre point is the great mountain Cruachan. It has a sister city in tralee which is in the southwest of ireland known as Alasia. It's keeper is my good friend and companion Sansia who works from the fifth dimension.

Shayla is home to the galactic and star fleets. It is also home to the faerie folk, the atlanteans, lemurians, dragons, pixies, gnomes and unicorns. The city is constantly expanding. It now reaches the full expanse of the comeragh mountains and it is strenthens all the time through human interfacing.

It boasts a wonderful idea of my good friend Daniel Jacob. Daniel has another sister city known as Chehala in the Olympic ranges of the usa. You can read more about it on his site. Anyway the idea is brighter days. A galactic space cafe that spans four floors and it has the appearence of an old cathedral. I

Entering it is a revolving door. My good friends Chyna and Vishna are among some of the staff. Vishna is famous for her amazing galactic lattes and steaming butter scones. The cafe also has guest quarters for those who wish to stay there. The cafe contains a jukebox of velourian design that contains every known song in the multiverse.

Favourite tunes always playing are the corrs and Krishna Das. So dream with me or meditate and take your awareness to Shayla and meet Sananda and Ashtar and many other good friends for a traditional evening of good wine and food. All the enjoyment is unforgettable. 

I guess my blogs would have more followers if I contributed even more bizarre stuff than this crackpot has posted (Galactic Lattes,yummy!).  Believe what you want; there are consequences.  These people are NOT my friends!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What he wrote, spoke to me today

I am currently reading a book of poetry that I have put off reading for some time.  I have several other works to share, still tumbling around in my head, but I thought reading some great works before I did that would be a good idea.  One I just read spoke to me in a very clear voice.  Across the centuries it seems this particular work rang true about me and expresses some of what I am feeling these days.

My Picture Left in Scotland by Ben Jonson

I now think love is rather deaf, than blind,
For else it could not be,
That she,
Whom I adore so much, should so slight me,
And cast my love behind:
I'm sure my language was as sweet,
And every close did meet
In sentence of as subtle feet
As hath the youngest he,
That sits in shadow of Apollo's tree.

Oh, but my conscious fears,
That fly my thoughts between,
Tell me that she hath seen
My hundreds of gray hairs,
Told seven and forty years,
Read so much waist, as she cannot embrace
My mountain belly and my rock face,
As all these, through her eyes, have stopt her ears. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Burma Design Submissions

Facebook page with Free Burma Design Submissions

Mine is the eleventh one on the page.  You don't have to vote for mine, but...

More importantly, please donate what you can to this campaign.  Burma has been a human rights disaster for over twenty years.  The political prisoners and the the population as a whole needs your help.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Must Read! Chinese Security Officials Respond to Call for Protests -

The article speaks for itself.  There are many people who have legitimate grievances with their government; we in the Western world often take it for granted that we have guaranteed rights to express these complaints.  In many other countries the message from above is clear, "Not happening!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't Tell Anybody

Admittedly, this is going to be a strange post.  My life has been very strange, like a surreal nightmare.  Something has happened lately and as I have been going over it in my mind I decided it was time to share some thoughts about it in this blog.

A few days ago I took a nap in the afternoon to catch up on some sleep because my sleep pattern has become irregular again.  I will not go over what was in this dream but suffice it to say I revisited with some people I am still furious with and cannot ever really come to terms with.  At the end of this dream I see the lower end of Manhattan.  I realized soon after I awoke that I had some similar dreams in the last few years and these dreams take me to the island of Manhattan in all of them.  I have this unusual feeling that I belong there, that I am a resident, or I am supposed to be there instead of where I am at the time.

As I have gone over that last dream in my head I realized that going to Manhattan takes me to my Dad and sorting out all that transpired between us over the years.  In case you missed it in this blog, my Dad passed away on September 11, 2009.  He called me September 11, 2001 to tell me about the plane crashes while I was still asleep.  Lately, my thoughts have focused on many of the events we went through together.  Despite the negative things I have mentioned about him in this continuing blog of my life there is the inescapable fact that my life and my Dad's have always been closely intertwined even though he really had no idea who I really am.

By now my exact recollection of what really spelled the demise of our relationship is not as clear as I would like it to be, but I realize what happened should be shared even if a small number of people read it and learn from it.

After the phone call of June 30, 2006 took place I knew that my life would be going in a very bizarre direction.  My relationship with my Dad, who was a shape-shifter of some variety that I still cannot completely explain, would be forever damaged.  All of the things I had managed to ignore about him in the past would eventually accumulate into an unavoidable confrontation.  How and when that would happen was unknown.

However, I could not completely sever my ties with him as he was still my closest confidant and we depended on each other for so many things. I knew I would not get very far without letting him know at least part of what was going on.  The trip down the gauntlet I took from Las Vegas to Houston via Tuscon and El Paso would remain mostly a mystery to him.  He really didn't need to know much about that.

By the time I took the trip to San Diego to see what would happen I had begun to let him in on more of the details.  There was so much to tell him and remind him of, and since he was the one person I turned to when things got beyond my ability to handle alone, it made sense that he should know the most of what was going on.  After the two women switched places and the BMW drove off I had called him to let him know that I wasn't going to chase much more and that "you know who" was losing me more and more with these Charades.  I remember him telling me in so many words, that I had given it "another try" but it seemed like a good decision to return home right after that.  

I don't remember what day it was but about a month later I had called him again, as I still was doing on a regular basis, to let him know as much as I was letting him know.  This is perhaps where our relationship really started to disintegrate because so much that was wrong was revealed.  I have often avoided the subject of why my Dad did or did not do certain things; it's very painful to me to reveal he was as selfish as he was, despite the many things I had done as his only really loyal child.

The conversation went something like this.  I called him.

Ted: Hello? (I can tell he is eating when I call.)

Me: Hey, Dad it's me.

Ted: Ben?

Me: Yeah.

Ted: Uh, I didn't expect to hear from you.

Me: Dad, what are you talking about?

Ted: I mean I'm glad!  I'm glad to hear from you!

Me: Dad?  What are you saying?  Did you think something had happened to me?

Roughly that is how that conversation started.  I immediately come to the conclusion that he thought or was told that I had died or had been killed at least two or three days before I had called.  That is obviously disturbing enough, even though as far as I know I never really indicated to him in any way that my life was at risk the way that it was.  What really bothered me is that he had done nothing and was "stuffing his face" as usual.  He had not called me to see if I was still there.  He had not gone by my place to see if my car or anything of mine was still where I lived.  He did not tell my sister, as far as I know, or call the police or anything like that.  He did nothing.  He just went about his normal routine.  I wondered for a moment what would it take for him to finally do something?  This was so extremely disturbing to me that I had to move on in the conversation right away because to follow that line of questioning would lead to the inevitable conclusion I reached just a few months later.

My Dad really didn't care.  He lived in his own little world and anything that didn't belong in it would be discounted or rejected.  

Including me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tom Cruise - Slavedriver

Sure, it's really easy to make up a sensational blog title.

If you have not heard several sources have been poking holes in Scientology for a long time.  Lately, the story about how some people slave away at $50 a week at "Sea Org" for their more "enlightened" members like Tom Cruise.  Apparently Tom was not really behind this story, but the people who devote themselves to kissing the bunghole of this "false Messiah" were.

Here is the link to the PDF in case you wanted to read it:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Christina Fell A Long Time Ago by Jesus Krishna

Don't feel sorry for her.  She is a useless individual.  Her voice is great but she is incapable of doing anything else.  Stop supporting her!  She needs to get back to reality very soon before you are all finished.

No, it is not okay!

Grammy Red Carpet 2011: Worst-Dressed (PHOTOS, POLL)

Someone needs to tell Ricky he needs to go back into the closet and find some clothes and fit and match.
About Grammy Awards
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Grammy Red Carpet 2011: Best-Dressed (PHOTOS, POLL)

Selena is a very good looking young woman. Her dress looks like a condom.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arianna the shifty

I have made reference to this woman's activities before.  I have even placed a photo of her into one of my videos.  The following article seems to me to be a very sober and even-handed treatment of her in light of the recent sale of Huffington Post.

Dana Milbank - Arianna Huffington's ideological transformation -Link Shared from NewsPush
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I feel SO bad

My latest housemate moved out and he took his puppy with him, obviously.

It has been quite a tumultuous time the last few months.  It seems like the "other spot" has become like a revolving door.  I decided to switch rooms since my old room is smaller.  I am now using a desk and chair instead of computing from my bed.

With all the upheaval, and helping my landlady clean up around the house, I didn't turn on the Super Bowl until about a half an hour after it started.

I didn't miss anything, did I?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bills Gates and the Pansexual Agenda - Magazine - GAIA SOULS

Bills Gates and the Pansexual Agenda - Magazine - GAIA SOULS

A blog posting I found interesting.  I cannot vouch for its accuracy and I am interested in researching the points mentioned here further, but before you dismiss it, consider that it just might have more than a kernel of truth.  I am more than willing to consider it accurate over what the mainstream media feeds us.  I have had my doubts about mainstream media for a long time.  And of course the irony for me was the unexpected reference to Madonna, Britney, and C*ntina.

Have a great day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My newest image

I got a little bored with my desktop image and made this one. It is based on another artist's depiction of a fictional character.  I tried to capture how I feel these days as I look to the future.  Let me know what you think.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

From Last Night

This a dream I had last night that I decided to share with all of you.

Those of you who are familiar with my story know there is a killer inside me.  None of you would be here if there was not a killer inside me.  It would not be the first time if I had a dream about eliminating beings and it actually happening somewhere else.  After saving my life so many times God can do what He wants with me while I sleep.

I was hunting my sister down.  I was in some place where there seemed to be a party going on with many people of all types around.  I saw Leora and went after her.  I was going to knock her down but she avoided me.  Instead of hitting her I collided with another woman and this woman went over a railing on a bridge and fell to her death.  I looked around and my sister was nowhere to be seen.  I left that place, upset that my sister was not dead and not at all concerned that the other woman died.

What do you think it means?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Final Countdown

Not surprising, but worth mentioning...

Growing up in Southern California, my first memory of Keith Olberman was when he worked as a sports reporter, and then sports anchor, at KCBS in Los Angeles.  He took the place of one of my favorite people, Jim Hill, and I was a bit reluctant to warm up to him.  He had a very rapid delivery and seemed to be closely analyzing the minutia of the most popular sports figures in Los Angeles.  I have a somewhat vague memory of watching one of his commentaries at the end of Sunday Sports Final with my Dad and absorbing all of what he said.  I seem to remember it being directed at Pat Riley, but it could just have easily been Tommy Lasorda.  I looked over at my Dad as he sat in his chair; his response was "He's a little too cerebral."  I agreed; I felt he was a "little too smart" for the sports desk.

I have tuned in to Countdown from time to time over the years.  I don't know Keith personally, but considering I have watched him off and on for so many years on so many networks I feel very familiar with him.  I never underestimated his intelligence and his ability to present his view of the world.  There are many people whom have excitedly posted very negative things about Keith on-line.  People who have not accomplished anything close to what Keith has accomplished.  Those people's opinions have absolutely no weight with me, whatsoever.  Although there is plenty we disagree on, Keith and I share our disdain for insurance companies as a whole.  I have appreciated his taking them to task recently.

Watch the video of the end of the final edition of Countdown: I believe it once again showcases Keith's intelligence and ability to present cogently and succinctly the important things to say at the right time.  He took no real pot-shots at anyone, and for me, made mention of some very important people that I would have to mention if I were in his place.  I was very glad he mentioned Bob Costas, the late Tim Russert, and the late Pat Tillman.

Good luck, Keith.

Bienvenidos al mundo de Jesús muy triste

I have cheated Death countless times and now have 58 videos on YouTube.
Who else can say that?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I said it first!

1.  I said C*ntina F*ckulera, the idiotic gay midget resembled Snooki:

but everyone seems to be jumping on that bandwagon since the Golden Globes.

2. On June 30th 2006, without ever meeting this young lady, I dubbed her "Snooki."  Now she wants everyone to know "her name is Nicole."

Notice how it all connects back to me.  Amazing, huh?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Easiest Way To Get Rid of Somebody

Ask them for money.

David Melech, my greatest ancestor

Many people are familiar with the works of David but have often discounted him over the course of history.  I dedicate this post to him.  David was, and still is, a special person in God's plan.  David was a doer.  As much as Moses was a prophet, David was a unique man of exquisite actions.  Those who believe in our Almighty Creator, The Most High, who lives forever, owe a debt of gratitude to David.  I confirm every miracle David was a part of.  David slew Goliath with God's help.  David unified a contentious people.  When David was told of God's plan for a Holy Temple, David made that into a blueprint and laid down the foundation markers.  We still know where that place is today.

David is, regardless of the greater or lesser portion of attribution, the greatest author of all time.  At least half of the Book of Psalms, if not much more, was composed by him.  These wonderful works of faith and art have endured for thousands of years for a very good reason.  They have comforted, inspired, and assured countless people over that time.  Believe it or not, his Psalms have inspired many other authors to write.  Who else can make such a bold claim?

Here is one of his greatest works.  One that has inspired me, along with his many others.

Psalm 18 from Young's Literal Translation

1To the Overseer. -- By a servant of Jehovah, by David, who hath spoken to Jehovah the words of this song in the day Jehovah delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul, and he saith: -- I love Thee, O Jehovah, my strength.
 2Jehovah [is] my rock, and my bulwark, And my deliverer, My God [is] my rock, I trust in Him: My shield, and a horn of my salvation, My high tower.
 3The `Praised One' I call Jehovah, And from my enemies I am saved.
 4Compassed me have cords of death, And streams of the worthless make me afraid.
 5Cords of Sheol have surrounded me, Before me have been snares of death.
 6In mine adversity I call Jehovah, And unto my God I cry. He heareth from His temple my voice, And My cry before Him cometh into His ears.
 7And shake and tremble doth the earth, And foundations of hills are troubled, And they shake -- because He hath wrath.
 8Gone up hath smoke by His nostrils, And fire from His mouth consumeth, Coals have been kindled by it.
 9And He inclineth the heavens, and cometh down, And thick darkness [is] under His feet.
 10And He rideth on a cherub, and doth fly, And He flieth on wings of wind.
 11He maketh darkness His secret place, Round about Him His tabernacle, Darkness of waters, thick clouds of the skies.
 12From the brightness over-against Him His thick clouds have passed on, Hail and coals of fire.
 13And thunder in the heavens doth Jehovah, And the Most High giveth forth His voice, Hail and coals of fire.
 14And He sendeth His arrows and scattereth them, And much lightning, and crusheth them.
 15And seen are the streams of waters, And revealed are foundations of the earth. From Thy rebuke, O Jehovah, From the breath of the spirit of Thine anger.
 16He sendeth from above -- He taketh me, He draweth me out of many waters.
 17He delivereth me from my strong enemy, And from those hating me, For they have been stronger than I.
 18They go before me in a day of my calamity And Jehovah is for a support to me.
 19And He bringeth me forth to a large place, He draweth me out, because He delighted in me.
 20Jehovah doth recompense me According to my righteousness, According to the cleanness of my hands, He doth return to me.
 21For I have kept the ways of Jehovah, And have not done wickedly against my God.
 22For all His judgments [are] before me, And His statutes I turn not from me.
 23And I am perfect with him, And I keep myself from mine iniquity.
 24And Jehovah doth return to me, According to my righteousness, According to the cleanness of my hands, Over-against his eyes.
 25With the kind Thou showest Thyself kind, With a perfect man showest Thyself perfect.
 26With the pure Thou showest Thyself pure, And with the perverse showest Thyself a wrestler,
 27For Thou a poor people savest, And the eyes of the high causest to fall.
 28For Thou -- Thou lightest my lamp, Jehovah my God enlighteneth my darkness.
 29For by Thee I run -- a troop! And by my God I leap a wall.
 30God! perfect [is] His way, The saying of Jehovah is tried, A shield [is] He to all those trusting in Him.
 31For who [is] God besides Jehovah? And who [is] a rock save our God?
 32God! who is girding me [with] strength, And He maketh perfect my way.
 33Making my feet like hinds, And on my high places causeth me to stand.
 34Teaching my hands for battle, And a bow of brass was brought down by my arms.
 35And Thou givest to me the shield of Thy salvation, And Thy right hand doth support me, And Thy lowliness maketh me great.
 36Thou enlargest my step under me, And mine ankles have not slidden.
 37I pursue mine enemies, and overtake them, And turn back not till they are consumed.
 38I smite them, and they are not able to rise, They fall under my feet,
 39And Thou girdest me [with] strength for battle, Causest my withstanders to bow under me.
 40As to mine enemies -- Thou hast given to me the neck, As to those hating me -- I cut them off.
 41They cry, and there is no saviour, On Jehovah, and He doth not answer them.
 42And I beat them as dust before wind, As mire of the streets I empty them out.
 43Thou dost deliver me From the strivings of the people, Thou placest me for a head of nations, A people I have not known do serve me.
 44At the hearing of the ear they hearken to me, Sons of a stranger feign obedience to me,
 45Sons of a stranger fade away, And are slain out of their close places.
 46Jehovah liveth -- and blessed [is] my rock, And exalted is the God of my salvation.
 47God -- who is giving vengeance to me, And He subdueth peoples under me,
 48My deliverer from mine enemies, Above my withstanders Thou raisest me, From a man of violence dost deliver me.
 49Therefore I confess Thee among nations, O Jehovah, And to Thy name I sing praise,
 50Magnifying the salvation of His king, And doing kindness to His anointed, To David, and to his seed -- unto the age!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Would you be suspicious?

I posted another ad the other day on Craigslist. It was removed within 15 minutes. I hardly find it offensive in any way. It was in the least restrictive section, as far as I know. The ad was about my blog and about the video I made about kitties. Something I would imagine would be innocuous compared to others, but it got removed really quickly.

Just to get a bit of reference, I read some of the other ads. I think some of the ads that were present there were MUCH more objectionable than mine, including a picture of a naked man, fully erect, looking for sex with "women of color." My ad had a picture of a cat on my car. Could someone rationally explain why my ads get flagged but ads like the one I mentioned stay on the site?

My first reaction is YOU ALL HATE ME FOR BEING ME, but I am sure you can come up with something that sounds better in your head.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Stand Up Robot Jesus Jokes - from the Messiah

My latest video is now live on my YouTube channel.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Shout Down to the History Channel

I only do this in self-defense.  This is not about always needing to critique any and all people who are off the mark to a greater or lesser degree.

There is a show, which I will not name, on the History Channel that is about a lot of "unexplained phenomena."  They have several experts that discuss the possible reasons why certain events have take place over thousands of years.  This is all well and good because writing all it off to a hoax of some kind avoids the truth and is usually designed to help people remain isolated in their own "safe little world."  The truth will always be preferable to possible lies.

However, when this program puts forth the possibility that maybe "Jesus was an alien" then I have to "cry foul."  That is not true and I absolutely resent being called an alien in this or any other lifetime.  I have fought against aliens because I consider all of them enemies.  Lumping me together with them might sound funny to you but is extraordinarily insulting to me.

So, "Fuck You, History Channel!"

Field Report from You Know Who

I am posting this publicly in the hope that some of my superiors or handlers will contact me and help me with our mission.  As of now, my funding has been cut off and without an adequate budget I am finding it very difficult to reach my objective.

I sense I might be close to finding the secret Haliburton "undisclosed location."  Dick Cheney apparently knows where I am and his people have been eavesdropping on my conversations.  I have encountered a few of the "strange eyes and teeth people" and they have indicated they are willing to help.  I have explained to them the importance of finding "Head in a Jar" and what must be done when we do.

For those who are not familiar with the term, I should explain what "Head in a Jar" is.  According to all the information I was provided, CIA director William Casey did not die during the investigation of the Iran-Contra affair.  Director Casey's death was fabricated and he continued to direct overt and covert operations for at least a decade.  Once his body started to fail, for a myriad of health reasons, his head was severed from his body and placed in a liquid-filled jar.  The liquid is comprised of 87% amniotic fluid, 12% formaldehyde, and 1% mixture of the medium that contains the nanites that maintain and aid the operational capability of HIAJ.  The amniotic fluid may or may not have been retrieved from the pregnant women in Mormon spin-off cults that are genetically similar to Director Casey.

HIAJ has a large number of tubes and wires connected to it.  It might also have enhanced wireless capability by this time, but that has not been confirmed.  If so, then much of the wiring will have been removed.  This all-knowing and all-seeing combination of sinister biological and artificial intelligence has unlimited access to all electronic communication media.  It can, for example, direct troop movements, complete requisition forms, conduct wire transfers, doctor satellite photos, and countless other tasks.  

Reading between the lines in various public entertainment periodicals I have determined the rich families that think they run this world are attempting to launch HIAJ into orbit.  This could mean they have found a way to add a renewable power source, figured out a way to recycle the HIAJ fluid, and solved the bandwidth issues.  This is a devastating development.  If a fully self-realized and sentient HIAJ achieves stable orbit then the whole galaxy will go "fucking Star Wars."

I plan on doing everything in my power to prevent this.  The future of all life in the Milky Way depends on it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dead Fish and Birds in Ark

This story is, for the moment, a hot topic around the world.

It certainly qualifies as a mystery.  What in the world could have caused it?  Depending on your perspective there must be some kind of unknown or sinister cause to this mass death of wildlife.  We always will wonder what caused these events and certainly the close proximity of the dead fish and birds leads us to inexorably conclude they must be connected.  I have read where someone claims that the wind direction on that day was blowing from where the fish died to where the birds died.  There seems to be a strong concurrence, if not a connection, between these events.

The important thing to understand here is if we ever do figure out why these two events occurred will we take the corrective action necessary to prevent these types of death from recurring?  I am not confident that we will.  If, for some reason, these animal deaths were caused by man-made activity are we willing to prevent them in the future?  Without going into a very in-depth analysis I tend to believe that "fracking," the process used to release natural gas from the earth, is the most likely cause of these events.  If that is the case, I do not think there will be any change in policy or operating procedure of the companies involved because our need for energy is so great.  Dead animals are the unfortunate consequence of extracting energy for our way of life.

We accept that, right?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thomas Jefferson was the Anti-Christ? Say It Aint So!

According to the above site, Thomas Jefferson said the following:

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." 

So Jefferson was opposed to being too pacifistic?  Is that why we have not seen more people converting weapons into farming equipment?  How ironic is that?  I consider Thomas Jefferson to be my favorite American, if not one of the greatest people the world has even known.  And yet this above quote shows how he reasoned doing the very thing I would want people to do has dire consequences.  How can I reconcile that?

Some people have had some good ideas about it:

Here's another good one:

And from the Philippines:

I welcome your thoughts on the subject.

Why It Is Impossible to Be Me

according to Isaiah, I would have to do the following:

4 He will judge between the nations
   and will settle disputes for many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares
   and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
   nor will they train for war anymore. 

I have the judging part down.  Even though I acknowledge the danger of being "judgmental" I am as aware as anyone could possibly be that "Judgment" falls under my jurisdiction.  You would have to grant me the authority to settle your disputes, and agree to accept my solutions.  Sitting alone for year after year has not granted me the opportunity to settle hardly any disputes.  From my perspective, it seems you are much more satisfied fighting the same old fights over and over gain.  People then look for new disputes to fight with each other over.  No one seems to want to concede anything to bring about peace.

Then we have the swords and plowshares section.  Forgetting for a moment that the world is filled with all manner of dreadful weaponry that far exceeds the dangerous potential of swords and spears, people are making more and more swords and spears all the time.  Is it possible I could get everybody to at least stop making new swords and spears?  What is really the point of beating a few swords and spears into gardening equipment if there are many more of them once we got through the "peaceful conversion?"

Answer that one for me, if you can.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is Jimmy Iovine the REAL Jimmy Bones?

You would have to ask Snoop or somebody...


Ha, ha, ha, ha
Just then, I received a phone call, it was Morpheus
And he said i was the one, ha realizing the deal Heaven done
Turnin' to the east and all praise the sun
Now they blast me but they all miss
I do my 3D dance and remain undaunted
Then simply reverse the process
As the hot slugs hit their chest-plate, checkmate
Game over, you lose
Funky, drunken monkey technique without screws
As the sayin' goes, if ya snooze ya loose
And I won't be aimin' when the oozy ooze
Got em' runnin' for the hills
Style steady truckin' like eighteen wheels
Do got em' cluckin' like eighteen pills
The hex flies off then all the blood spills

[Snoop Dogg]
The Legend of Jimmy Bones
Sharp as nails, tough as stones
This ain't based on no true story
This the real motherfucker

Carry vocal tones, most definitely will
Cause more horror than Amityville
Get out, this my house
Got you scared niggas don't chew like a church mouse
When I swing the excalibur like Highlander
The head flies off you see thunder and lightening
Too much, too late to recognize your blunder
Suddenly you hear there can only be one, well just X
We apply wild west tactics like turn back-to-back
Take ten paces and draw, but I'm sneaky with mine
Turn around at nine and blast you in your spine
High-ride off into the hot sunset
Like the high plains drifter
Hear me mister, no one blast with the
When it comes to shootin' gives up
X marks the spot and guaranteed to lift up

[Snoop Dogg]
Payback is a dog and revenge is sweet
Murder is the cold that Jimmy lays on these wicked ass streets

[Snoop Dogg]
I cut cha' head off, go ahead get cha' lead off, set it off
Motherfucker bit his leg off
I want revenge, this shit's gon' end
You thought I was gone, motherfucker I'm back home
Jimmy Bones, it's on so ain't no stoppin' this
I'll take you to the Necropolis
And place you in the front, remain calm through tis damn thang
Listen here man
Killin' after killin' dealin' after dealin'
You motherfuckers don't really know how I'm feelin'
But I can't waste time and reflect on that
I gotta get these niggas who stabbed me in my back
Jeremiah, loop a bitch and aid mack
You turn my peoples out on the crack sack
7-9, remember that, way back
But Karma came back, now you motherfuckers have to deal with that

[Snoop Dogg]
What goes around, comes around
Do unto other, as you would want them to do unto you
It's a dog eats dog world

[MC Ren]
Nigga fuck that, my black ass back from the grave
Fucked up is how we behave
Where the fuck you think you runnin' to
Everywhere ya bitch ass turn, I'm in front of you
Motherfuckers wanna scream but they choke
Pissin' on they self when I raise at they throat
Grab yo bitch that suck dick while I smoke
Then hang yo bitch using tape and rope
Go on motherfucker take two to the head
Don't give a fuck, villain already dead, already bled
List of names
All on they ass, nigga fuck these games
Here to cause pain
Can't back a bitch, when niggas gotta beg
Not to be filled up with lead
Time for me to fuck her, there villain get the fuck out
Leave you stuck out, leave yo fuckin' eyes plugged out

[Ricky Harris: excerpt from the movie "Bones"]
Jimmy Bones, is that you? We killed you motherfucker
and buried yo' ass with nothin but yo bitch's bloody rags
Now I can count the holes in yo motherfucking chest [Gunshots]

It's out, out, out
Jimmy bones
It's out, out, out
Jimmy Bones