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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Final Countdown

Not surprising, but worth mentioning...

Growing up in Southern California, my first memory of Keith Olberman was when he worked as a sports reporter, and then sports anchor, at KCBS in Los Angeles.  He took the place of one of my favorite people, Jim Hill, and I was a bit reluctant to warm up to him.  He had a very rapid delivery and seemed to be closely analyzing the minutia of the most popular sports figures in Los Angeles.  I have a somewhat vague memory of watching one of his commentaries at the end of Sunday Sports Final with my Dad and absorbing all of what he said.  I seem to remember it being directed at Pat Riley, but it could just have easily been Tommy Lasorda.  I looked over at my Dad as he sat in his chair; his response was "He's a little too cerebral."  I agreed; I felt he was a "little too smart" for the sports desk.

I have tuned in to Countdown from time to time over the years.  I don't know Keith personally, but considering I have watched him off and on for so many years on so many networks I feel very familiar with him.  I never underestimated his intelligence and his ability to present his view of the world.  There are many people whom have excitedly posted very negative things about Keith on-line.  People who have not accomplished anything close to what Keith has accomplished.  Those people's opinions have absolutely no weight with me, whatsoever.  Although there is plenty we disagree on, Keith and I share our disdain for insurance companies as a whole.  I have appreciated his taking them to task recently.

Watch the video of the end of the final edition of Countdown: I believe it once again showcases Keith's intelligence and ability to present cogently and succinctly the important things to say at the right time.  He took no real pot-shots at anyone, and for me, made mention of some very important people that I would have to mention if I were in his place.  I was very glad he mentioned Bob Costas, the late Tim Russert, and the late Pat Tillman.

Good luck, Keith.

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