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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Shout Down to the History Channel

I only do this in self-defense.  This is not about always needing to critique any and all people who are off the mark to a greater or lesser degree.

There is a show, which I will not name, on the History Channel that is about a lot of "unexplained phenomena."  They have several experts that discuss the possible reasons why certain events have take place over thousands of years.  This is all well and good because writing all it off to a hoax of some kind avoids the truth and is usually designed to help people remain isolated in their own "safe little world."  The truth will always be preferable to possible lies.

However, when this program puts forth the possibility that maybe "Jesus was an alien" then I have to "cry foul."  That is not true and I absolutely resent being called an alien in this or any other lifetime.  I have fought against aliens because I consider all of them enemies.  Lumping me together with them might sound funny to you but is extraordinarily insulting to me.

So, "Fuck You, History Channel!"

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