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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dead Fish and Birds in Ark

This story is, for the moment, a hot topic around the world.

It certainly qualifies as a mystery.  What in the world could have caused it?  Depending on your perspective there must be some kind of unknown or sinister cause to this mass death of wildlife.  We always will wonder what caused these events and certainly the close proximity of the dead fish and birds leads us to inexorably conclude they must be connected.  I have read where someone claims that the wind direction on that day was blowing from where the fish died to where the birds died.  There seems to be a strong concurrence, if not a connection, between these events.

The important thing to understand here is if we ever do figure out why these two events occurred will we take the corrective action necessary to prevent these types of death from recurring?  I am not confident that we will.  If, for some reason, these animal deaths were caused by man-made activity are we willing to prevent them in the future?  Without going into a very in-depth analysis I tend to believe that "fracking," the process used to release natural gas from the earth, is the most likely cause of these events.  If that is the case, I do not think there will be any change in policy or operating procedure of the companies involved because our need for energy is so great.  Dead animals are the unfortunate consequence of extracting energy for our way of life.

We accept that, right?

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