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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lost Decade - Introduction

These posts, which I will attempt to connect in a coherent fashion, will be my attempt to answer the question “Where have I been all this time?”.  I see it differently, of course.  To me, it is more like “Where were you?” and “Where were they all this time?”

It sure seems to me like I have done everything all by myself.  In my “Jesus, the Messiah” capacity I have to request that you remove the plank from your eye before you try to remove the plank from mine.  I have had an enormous amount of pressure and opposition to deal with.  So many people in my family and in close proximity were very detracting.  There was so much talk about what I should not be doing and no one offering any alternatives.  Few offers of help and a tremendous number of personality conflicts.  I had put everything in place to save this planet if a few people followed their assignments and a lot more people believed.

I have always been a skeptic, a “show me” type of person.  However, once I have seen something, in an absolutely verifiable way, then I am a believer.  Mostly what I was surrounded by were people that were not believing and people who refused to look.  There have been many people who wanted to be a part of something for their own benefit.  There also have been many people who could not fathom how their participation hindered me more than helped me.  So many people who did wrong but somehow found great consolation in not being the ultimately worst person.  These posts will explore what it was like to be left alone all that time.

By my calculations, there have been 3589 days between my move in date at 740 S. Burnside Ave. and the day I spoke with Nicole Scherzinger on June 30, 2006.  That day I called her back after retrieving the message she left for me while I was preparing to move to Marina Harbor.  It was not the first time I had ever spoken to her, although I joked quite often that we had never spoken on the phone before.  It certainly was not the first time our paths had crossed and it would not be the last.  But these posts are not about what I call “the most bizarre co-dependent relationship in the history of the world, if not the Universe.”  These posts are intended as an adjunct to what is already present in this blog.  I will attempt in this series of posts to describe the very important events that took place in those 3589 days between the Bible Code I end of the world and the conversation Nicole and I had at the threshold of the Bible Code II anticipated end of the world.

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