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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Tick of Satan

with absolutely sincerity on April 30, 2009

I remember when I first heard about the Tick of Satan prophecy.

Some guy was on the 700 Club. Pat Robertson was "just fascinated" with this idea. I don't know if either guy knew about my accomplishments up until then. I am sure Pat Robertson knew nothing of my encounter with Peter Tosh (more than 25 years ago) or about the homeless guy that screamed his head off for seven years outside my old place and the LAPD was powerless to do much about that or his throwing trash in the storm drain.

Pat Robertson does not love Jesus.

The tick was going bite me on the leg and the tick would not make it. Nicole reminds me of this prophecy June 30th, 2006. I suppose modern day prophets love their abuse and attempt to kill Jesus prophecies. They should all get together so I can kill them.

Two years ago it happened. Before I could move, a tick leapt up my leg and bit me on the left thigh. It hurt as did the insane pain in the brain I felt soon thereafter. But I thought that by then, after the shot in the neck in Louisville and the other attempts on the Back to Basics tour ONE OF THESE BITCHES WOULD COME BY AND HELP ME OUT. I was not looking for a blow job from a maid.

What an idiot I was to expect someone who should have shown some real appreciation.

That's when, under all that duress, I thought I would see if I could impregnate Chrissy Aguilera remotely. She still has not told me how it was for her. Then again SHAPE SHIFTER PRINCE did not tell how he felt about flying in the cloud tube.

I then went to the show the next night. Dead Woman Walking and Shock the Monkey were the highlights. Finger in the Sky, bitches. AND STILL NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!

But because I said Nicole had a bug up her ass about Britney Spears we are now trying to see if they can coexist on tour? This is a joke!

Today there were several chemtrails outside the rehab center. I have never witnessed such a large and low laid accumulation before. And you think I'm paranoid?


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