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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Explaining Mumbai

from the post of March 22, 2009

Let me let you in on something.  The targeting of Mumbai victims was obviously not an accident.  But this might surprise you: the types of people targeted in Mumbai are the people who have taken unfair advantage of me for many years.

In the UK and USA people have been making a ton of money off my ideas and off movies loosely based on my life and albums not so loosely based.  Chabad begs "we want Moshiach now" but when I show up to testify that the changes in Genesis I predicted came true, they treat me like I am some kind of outsider.  A group of Yeshiva students heard me speak and believed.  What is taking the rest of Chabad so long? As if they are waiting for me to become more Jewish or something. 

I know it sounds strange but it is true.  Many Christians try to get me to go to their churches because they can tell what a wonderful spirit I have, but their church leaders have a difficult time when I show up.  I admit it; sometimes strange things happen when I go to church.

Islamists know I am "ISLAMIC" because I submit to God's will.  I will never submit to some lame dame just because she does not understand me.  And besides, most of the time there is some guy (armed, dangerous, or armed and dangerous) who just has to get in the way of me having a little bit of fun.  Add the Curse of Nicole to that and you can see why I might not be the most stable person on the planet.

Islamists understand my story is fantastical, yet true.  They know I would not lie, but I cannot tell everyone the whole truth again and again because it sounds too crazy and it is scary.  Imagine living through it. 

The Islamists are sending a message to Americans, British, Indians, and Jews that you looked the other way too often as Benjamin (who is Jesus) suffered.  It is their way of saying they will treat me MUCH better than the West has.  But I must say the same thing to them that I said to all the "girls" on June 30th.  Hating my enemies is not the same thing as loving me.  Just because you hate Nicole, that does not mean you know how to love me.  This is now abundantly clear to Natalie Portman and several others.

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