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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stephenville, Texas

written and posted March 4, 2009

What did the recent "light show" in Stephenville, Texas mean? Let tell you a story...

I was working the Parts Counter and driving a delivery truck for Pep Boys in Mesa, Arizona when that happened. Why was Jesus doing that? Because I had to. That's what happens when billions of people cannot accept they have a Living Savior, despite all the changes in the Bible and the miracles I predicted would happen.

On June 30th, 2006 The Curse was trying so hard to get rid of me she attempted to future forecast me into the arms of Britney Spears. I knew we would be in dire straits if it ever came to that. Britney is cute but we are not compatible.

The constable in Texas, who was at the center of the story, eventually made his way to Arizona to see me at the parts counter. He was purchasing headlamp lens cleaner. He told me he could see clearly now. Britney is from Stephenville, Wisconsin. I told the guys in TLC this light show had a connection to Britney. So how come Britney did not show up? Was it not time for Britney to reach out to me and accept me as her personal Savior? Yes, but she didn't. The Pussycats got in the way.

Now they are going on tour together. Britney, you chose wrong. Cya!

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