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Friday, October 29, 2010

even more on beyonce

the 13th of April of 2009

Hey Be,

You and I could get into
An endless conversation
Of what you knew and
When did you know it.
It is all pointless, now.
Too late to apologize.
In 2007, you looked
Very staircase to me
At the Grammy Awards Show.
What good is that to me, now?
I just want to say that of all
The girls on that staircase
You looked the friendliest.
So strange. Please tell
Todd Smith, that dumbbell
That he is really late and
I don't want to work out with him.
He blew me off
Why should I give him the
Time of day?
Have you spoken to Rhianna?
If you haven't, please tell her
I think she and Chris are
Two spoiled children
And it is a shame their relationship
Became public fodder the
Way that it did.
Maybe she will be the next
Britney Spears.

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