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Friday, October 29, 2010

Now What?

which I posted April 13, 2009


I think when you got pregnant your monkey brain fell into your ass.

It might have seemed like a great career move but the way I see it, Jordan is not a nice fella. You are the trained monkey and he is the grinder. I hope he enjoys that joke. I do not want him anywhere near my child. Too many of you have screwed me over, and I do not play favorites.

Perhaps your ill-manged career is his fault. Maybe not. I think of him as the Lost Jonas Brother.

He is another Jesus denier despite whatever bullshit he might claim. I say dump him right now.

Thanks to waiting far too long I have been dispossessed of some of the clothes I bought in SF in 2007, including that really cool Levi's shirt. They have been impounded, along with my Igloo on the S.S. Clipper Carl.

Are you ready to get real?

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