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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


posted on February 28, 2009

I am sick to my stomach with this friendly alien crap. Here's a bit of truth from the Messiah...

During the battle against the terrible things in the sky something bad happened. My roommate had a cat we called John Doe. He was a kitten when Geoff rescued him at the beach; some guys were about to release a vicious dog on John, but Geoff decided "Not today." John Doe was in many ways a typical cat. He spent much of his time around the house and coexisted with Cosimo de Medici (the Malamute) very well. John always came home for diner.

At one point we did not see him for two days and we became concerned. We were afraid something bad happened to him. After about three days we saw him. Most of his fur was missing and he was pulling the rest out with his tongue. He had deep incisions all over his body. These cuts were closed with perfect stitching and no external knots. It appeared to me the cord was slightly thicker than would normally be used on a cat. All of the stitches were the same size and precisely the same width apart. The only exception was on the cat's neck where an elliptical incision was closed with stitches in asymmetrical fan pattern. This made me really mad and only reinforced my resolve that we needed God's help to eliminate the invaders in our skies.

Soon after I moved out and the "Phoenix Lights" pass over, the "alien ship" passage in EVERYONE'S Book of Daniel was removed. We had defeated the aliens. I am your Savior, aliens are not. Shapeshifters are your enemies and mine. The Back to Basics tour proved that.

I am your King, deal with it!

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