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Saturday, October 30, 2010

John Lennon Oversimplified

was posted on May 21, 2009

When the Beatles were still on their meteoric climb John Lennon said something about them being bigger than Jesus Christ.  Considering what the world was like back in the early 1970's this had to be the most controversial thing he possibly could have said.  It is the type of thing we cannot possibly approach today; the world has become a cacophony of noise and people fighting for a chance to make that kind of impact, positively or negatively, the magnitude of that statement cannot be approached.

John apologized afterward.  He really wanted to make right what he had somehow made so wrong.  That one statement ended the Beatles touring career.  There was no fixing it, no matter what he tried.  From my perspective it made sense.  I was just a little kid at the time; almost no one knew I was Jesus and alive.  They were bigger than me when he said it.

As time moved forward John and the rest of the Beatles became more spiritually evolved as they matured.  John began to become more like Jesus, the way he thought of Jesus.  He never said anything that indicated he thought badly of Jesus.  It was more that he was critical of what became attached to Jesus soon after he died.  He even said, and I agree, some of Jesus' disciples seemed a little bit slow.  John did say at one point, and I have not yet found the quote, that if Jesus were alive today people would try to kill him.  He was right about that.  I have lost count of how many times that has happened.  Maybe Jesus would just lay low, if he knew what was good for me.

Later in his life, John let his hair and beard grow long and began to look like Traditional Jesus.  He also criticized, using his razor sharp wit, those whom he believed were the real antagonists in this world.  He did not mince words.  You would not expect Jesus to do that very much, would you?  If anything, you would expect Jesus to tell you the truth, as much as you could stand to hear.

And when asked how he expected to die John said he expected some crazy guy to kill him.  How prophetic.  A crazy man did shoot him the way a coward does; in the back.  Do you get the feeling that John and I were a lot alike? 

Why is Mark David Chapman still alive?  How much do taxpayers pay for his incarceration?  Would it be cruel and unusual to execute him?  Was not his murder of John Lennon cruel and unusual?  What have we proven by not executing him?  Are we not sending a message to other crazy people you can live privately and have all your needs taken care of by our government if you murder someone? 

If John Lennon were alive today crazy ladies would be trying to steal his semen.  Would you feel sorry for them?


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