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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Has this crossed your mind yet?

also added on June 3, 2009

Ok, so I have this daughter I never intended to have in the first place...

In Heavy Metal comic books she is a very beautiful, intelligent, nasty slut.  In the latest issue she tricks her Dad into having sex with her and initiates threesomes with her cousin.  Guys must really love this, and maybe women have some similar fantasies, too.

I find the whole thing to be incredibly humiliating.  It's not as though she has bothered to contact me and I had to risk my life to just get a chance to find her in the first place.  Why someone this intelligent does not see the resemblance or read the comic that has depicted her as this character for over a decade must seem like a joke to all of you.  Oh, and I will see if I can avoid getting angry, drinking or doing drugs over it as well because if I do, then I'M THE BAD GUY!?!?

Has anyone ever thought WHAT ABOUT THIS GIRL'S MOTHER?  Why did she avoid me for twenty years, not tell me she had my child, and expect me to find her twenty years later and fix everything magically?  I have to read comic books to get clues about the hidden nightmares of my life?  This lady lived in the immediate vicinity for over year but did not have the guts to TALK TO ME ALONE.  Maybe if you ditched the dufus you raised my daughter with for a few minutes AND GOT REAL WITH ME you would know how I really feel about this.  But you didn't, so why should I give damn?

I know.  This must all be MY FAULT because I obviously should know everything, I have oodles of time and money, and should have gone searching for this character a long time ago if they are avoiding me all this time.

Has anyone asked themselves, "What does this lady believe in?"  It's twenty years later did you think I was going to chase you down and reward you for all of this?


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