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Monday, October 25, 2010

Things I will not miss when I am gone

originally shared on February 17, 2009

There are people that will sometimes ask you "what will you miss when you are gone?"  Lately, I am a little more focused on what I will not miss when I am gone.
Being told "You'll find love somewhere."
Chasing after little girls.
Little girls that think they want to marry me.
Giving away things for free that other people make a lot of money on.
Being covered up.
Being taken advantage of.
Explaining it to all of you one at a time.
Fixing other people's mistakes.
Crazy old ladies.
Crazy old ladies that insist God is female.
Guys that want a piece of something that belongs to me.
Just Do It.
Making all my own meals, doing all my own laundry, worrying about expenses.
Looking over my shoulder.
Being laughed at.
Being told I am crazy.
Forgetful friends.
"That's interesting"
People cutting in front of me.
"Putting it out there."
Married women flirting with me.
"How much did that cost you?"
"You should sell it."
"If you know so much, why aren't you more successful?"
Failure to communicate.
Unreasonable expectations.

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