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Monday, October 25, 2010

Explain It One More Time

also posted on February 14, 2009

When I give you an assignment you are supposed to do it as soon as possible.
A wife would tend to my wounds not give me more of them and abandon me.
When you are called by God you are supposed to do what is right not what is wrong.
When I help you that is when you are supposed to be grateful, not resentful.
You are not supposed to know the future THAT well.
You should have consulted Scriptures not make up new ones.
Thou shalt not means just that.
You do not recognize me in person, only when you are on stage.
You thought I could take it.
You kept rewriting my story.
You made no sense.
You procrastinated.
You took advice from the wrong people.
You are powerless.
You thought you were me.
You thought you were more important than me.
You thought you were better than me.
You avoided me.
You thought I would just get over it.
I'll get back to you . . . as soon as the experiment is over.

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