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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A few notes about things

June 20th posting in 2009

I had the vision that was the update to CELL 3 in 2007.  The black hat on the ground next to the Aladdin's lamp.  The theocracy based on the teachings of a lunatic must come to an end.  The People of Persia can make this happen.  God is Great and He will reward those who follow the path of their ancestors that performed good works.  Everyone is a hostage of their own deeds.

I still find it surreal to travel in this country with so many churches and temples in my name and cannot seem to get much more out of any of them except a place to pray.  And yet I have still gone to them to INFORM them that Deuteronomy 30 had changed.  I had a very angry exchange with someone who heard me explain "all of this" back in 2007.  They still seemed confused.

The Heavy Metal issue of 2006 with my sister on the cover has appreciated to $7.00 in some places.

I was in close proximity to the Virgin Spaceplane's emergency landing.  I did not plan that one at all.

Christina; you must now know what it feels like to be my Mother.  She gave over too much of her life to my (blank) Dad thinking that he would protect her.  When you rely on one person for too much then you may become somewhat disabled.  A protector can become like a captor.  I have seen too many people "playing Charades" informing me you are attempting to empower yourself.  I need more than that. 

I am not here to save or forgive Los Angeles over myself.  That is why I left town. 

Here is one of the biggest conundrums of being me:  Having holy visions and dreams all the time can get overwhelming.  But lack of sleep that prevents them can be even more painful.

I have shown some people the picture I took of the car on the side of the road with the blown out spare.  Some reactions have been, "Oh my, God.  How scary.  You could have died."  My response is usually, "After what I have been through that was only about a four on the scary scale."  Car 63 does it again.  

Holy Energizer Bunny.

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