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Friday, October 29, 2010

Wandering Jew Forced To Move

also on April 10, 2009

Since I returned from Cal, I have moved often. People seem to blame ME for these moves. You know, like it was all my fault. 8P

Here is a list of the people MOST TO BLAME for my moves.

From Doheny: Ronnie Cann and his heroin dealing.
From Martel: The punk who kept setting the dumpster on fire.
From Burton Way: The manager who could not lift a finger for me after the Northridge earthquake. I chose to live with my friend Matthew.
From MDR (KVM): Karen, who married Matthew and all my friends that did not want to be my roommate.
From Canton Drive: Maxine.
From 127 to 427: David Adefeso
From 427: Sylvia Leivers because of how she treated me, David Adefeso, Kamil Beale, and Nicole Scherzinger.
From MDR (MH): Nicole Scherzinger.
From TLC (Mesa): Chris Geisler
From Thousand Oaks: Pep Boys
From Oxnard: My Dad

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