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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear God, Explain.

put up on February 18, 2009

What is wrong with my bride-church?
Why have not over a billion people gotten together and killed Leora yet?
This church still teaches people I am in Heaven even though I was born in 1963.
They have acknowledged the changes in the Bible,
but they do not recognize me in person.
Catholic girls are starting to get to me; they are almost as bad as Jewish girls.
Catholic girls should recognize me in person, but mostly they cannot deal with reality and want to get rid of me like I am a criminal.  This type of treatment is criminal.
The Pope recently tried to bring back an evil "Pious" man who is a Holocaust denier, even though he lives in the country that gave safe harbor to the famous Nazi's.  Is Ratzinger brain dead?
I think the church should open it's purse to me already instead of investing in satellites so they can find a clue.  I could give them one very easily myself.  They are still a little too focused on the abortion issue.
I would hate to think it is too late to save the church.

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