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Sunday, October 31, 2010

God Was Never Confused

posted on June 6, 2009

God still acts the way He always has.  He will seek vengeance on those whom He will.  He can heal and He can afflict.  Back in the Year in the Dog Park someone asked me a question indirectly, because this person WAS a coward. 

The question was "Can God destroy Himself?"  I suppose in a twisted person's mind, that since I said "I put no limits on God.  He can do anything" that this person came up with the question I mentioned.  I was offended as this was clearly a possible query but was filled with passive-aggressive contempt for God.  I responded "Who asks this question?"  I wanted to see if this person cared to face me and ask this.  I said this person would receive their answer because I knew God Himself would answer.  I clearly saw this man's fate in my mind's eye.  This person was consumed in a pillar of fire.

How did I do it?  How did I know?  These are not easy questions to answer but I did see this person get the answer when I refused to answer the ridiculous question.  Some people's dialectic is just too screwed up to dignify with a reasonable answer.  I suppose we have Nietzsche to thank, as well as many others, for this type of God mockery.

I recently spoke with a very friendly woman in a coffee shop.  She helped me with the door as I was hobbled by my bad foot.  As we got going on a discussion she told me she did not believe in God.  I asked her "How many proofs of God would you need to believe?"  She sidestepped the question and before she took the conversation too far away from my question I told her the answer, "One.  You would only need one proof of God's existence to believe in God."  That is not to say I was telling her to follow a particular religion but with one proof you would know there is, was, and always will be God.  And truthfully, I could present a mountain of evidence of God's existence, many of which I have directly been a part of. 

You still choose what to believe but do not be surprised if you were to discover that people are trying to turn off and turn on the belief part of your body, which they say is in your brain.  With the world increasingly turning into noise of all possible varieties it is becoming more difficult for people to believe, let alone follow spiritual reasoning.  It seems the more people ask me the questions I can answer they interrupt me more frequently.  I suppose if I were to charge you admission to answer your important questions you would be more likely to let me finish answering one question before you feel you must ask another question.  I listen to Madonna's Sorry from The Confessions Tour because these days "I HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!  I HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!" seems to be my end theme.

Back in the Year in the Dog Park I said I could take "the money" because money could be donated to charitable causes around the world.  That type of infrastructure did not exist two thousand years ago.  But when asked if I would do commercial endorsements I said "No, that is where I would lose my soul."  My friends thought that answer was terrific.

On June 30, 2006 because some people appreciate my creativity and humor, I wrote a few commercials and other bits on the spot.  "Yippe kai yea, mini sirloin burgers"  was also my idea. "Cattle the size of schnauzers" was also my line.  I described the commercial where the mini cattle are being marched off.  Take it either way; a really fun and safe way to think of burgers or a method to convince your kids they are eating mini cows and they should not eat red meat.  It's up to you.

Why do I feel I have already lost my soul?

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