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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scandal Inconceivable

also from March 8, 2009
Let's Begin:
I never went on a date with Nicole Scherzinger.  When she followed me while on a date with another woman that does not count.
I have never spoken to, let alone gone on a date with Christina Aguilera.
I never saw Jodie Foster again in person since we were children.
I never went on a date with Jenny McCarthy.
I never saw Minnie Driver in person before she became pregnant.
I was never intimate with Sophia's mother.
I would have killed Dominic's mother had she not disappeared.
The two reptilians I saw in 1993 apparently disappeared when they were out of my view.
The reason I waited for Kamil to figure it out was that I said I would not kill "the baby" while I was in high school.
You could call me Baby Killer Messiah, now.  
And I do not play favorites.

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