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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Conception of Sophia - A possible explanation

posted June 11, 2009

I suppose by now you might be wondering why I have been so successful at impregnating ladies without sexual intercourse.  This is not something I have been in complete control of.  I assure you I would rather be intimate with women the way other guys are but I acknowledge there are many things that are beyond my control.  However, people have also been attempting to make things even more difficult and complicated for me.  I cannot right all the wrongs.  I cannot excuse all that you could have, should have, would have done if you had just done the right thing the first time.  You only know what you know when you know it.  You only feel what you feel when you feel it.

The reality is I was never intimate with Sophia's mother.  This is now back in 1986.  My left knee was arthroscoped in April that year after I tore it up playing football with friends from law school.  I was at UCLA's hospital in Westwood for maxilofacial surgery.  I had a 9mm under bite.  My upper jaw and palate were removed, split, and set forward a few millimeters.  My lower jaw was removed and a few millimeters taken off of that.  Some of the nerves never grew back completely and I have numbness that has remained on part of my tongue and part of my face on the lower half of my mouth.  But I do have less TMJ and have not ground my teeth to nubs.

Imagine me as a puppet, lifeless and mouth wired shut at the end of God's hand.  He is on one side.  On the other side are supernatural entities of all kinds.  I will use "divine beings" without making a good or bad determination as to their state.  I am completely unaware of what is going on in the other dimension...

God: What is it you want?

db: We are concerned about the Son's future.

God: He will be alright.  I have a firm grip on him.

db: What if he dies now?  He will not make it to see Gloria.

God:  He will.  We promised him Gloria when he was just a boy.  I am protecting his life.  He will accomplish the assignment I set out for him. 

db: We think he should become a father now.

God: He is not prepared to be a father now.  He is going to need a lot of care now and he wants to finish his schooling.  He has been through an incredible ordeal.  You would have him spawn children the way people spawn churches.  I am more concerned with what was done with the implant he removed from his buttocks a few years ago.

db: What if he dies now?  The doctor said he has a heart problem.

God: He will pull through.  He has faith in me.

db: Look at the tubes they forced up his nose and down his throat.  He can barely breathe.

God: He is conserving energy.  I am disappointed the doctors are not listening to him.  He told them not to do that.  He had his nose fixed just a few years ago.  This will not make his sinuses any better.  The surgery has already adversely affected his skull.  I say leave him alone and let me take care of the rest.

db: He is very weak and thin.  If he dies soon then he will not complete the assignment you gave him.

God: Why do you persist in doubting me?  Think about how difficult it is for him.  Most people do not believe in him.  If we alter the story anymore he will find that even more difficult to cope with.

db: What about Nicole?

God: I took care of that with the assignment.  He will figure that part out soon enough.  Remember, I used him to kill a couple in Philadelphia.  That was necessary to achieve a greater good but that has also made things very complicated for him.  Further complicating the story will not help.

db: She's pretty.  We like her.

God: This will not make it easier for her either, but she is doomed to fail anyway.  The lusty ones always make things worse for everyone around them.

db: We think he should marry a black woman.

God: He has enough problems with black men already.

db: We say make him father now.  Otherwise we will start a rebellion against you.

God: Plenty of you defy me already.  How much more of this do you expect me to tolerate?

me: Lord, what is going on?

God: You don't want to know.

db: We believe making him father now is a good idea.  We will continue to misbehave and make things worse with the holy people.

God: I am completely aware of what the holy people are doing.  My Son correctly declared the jihad against the lunatic and his followers.  Unfortunately, those that follow Muhammad fight amongst themselves far too much.  Why does that struggle have to be mirrored in this place?

db: What if the Son does not get a chance to explain things to Gloria before she does the unthinkable?

God: Making him a father now will only make that scenario even more likely.  Why can you not follow my directives as I state them when I state them?

db: We are entitled to our opinions.  We like doing things our way.

God: I really do not appreciate all this turmoil.  I am the Creator.  Why do you resent me so?  Are you so jealous of my power that you would jeopardize the Son and the Creation?

db: Make him a father now.  We will protect the new offspring.

God: If I do this, I expect all of you to submit to Me and the Son later.

me: Lord, please tell me what is going on now.

God: I am sorry but it is best you do not know about it now.

db: Deal, Lord!  We will make it all better later.

God: I will win no matter what.  The Son and I will make sure that happens.  These offspring of his will not get along very well.  Those that seek to degrade him will be punished in my name.  There is no reason for this game to continue indefinitely.  I know when all this will end.  I will reign supreme in peace at that time and we will judge all of your actions and decisions at that time.

db: So who is it going to be?

God: Her, the one who is helping him in the hospital.  He likes her.

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