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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Things I Hear Everyday

posted June 8, 2009

There was only one person who ever lived who was perfect and it was Jesus Christ.

The Devil is causing all the problems in the world.

We're only human.

There's a group of guys making all the crop circles.

Jesus put the Pope on the throne.

What kind of car is that?

You have to leave.

What's your name again, I forgot.

Can I get a cigarette?

Why doesn't God cure amputees?

Aliens?  Oh, C'mon!

I don't know what happened.

At least you have a car.

You just hit the nail on the head.

You should be thankful you still have your foot.

I know you lost your job.  It's tough out there.

You're a very cosmic person.

You can't just go around saying you're Jesus.

We want Moshiach, now.

P.S.  I ran into my old shrink today.  Talk about a good laugh.  He did not recognize me at first, but said he was glad to see me.  I told him I was homeless and had just gotten over a Staph infection in my foot.  He thinks the problem is that "we" decided to stop taking my meds.  And, by implication, my refusal to go back on them in 2007 was the problem.  Yeah, right.  I would be much more productive (and I mean passive here in sarcasm) if I was under his care.  He can cure me of being Jesus, or something like that.  I wouldn't speak out against those that have failed me.  People would not be ripping me off and it would change the whole world for the better. 

I do not want people to think I am anti-medicine.  But the meds he had me on for "too long" (my personal assessment) was part of my problem.  These meds turned me into a zombie and I slept way too much.  If I had been on them I might not have moved to the place in the Marina in time let alone predicted and made happen what I made happen since June 30, 2006, and so on.  I still have not had the heart to tell him about how HE has been made into a cartoon.

Follow this one.  People have thought of me as Hal Jordan, silver age Green Lantern, for a long time.  For a while Hal became the Spectre, who helps people cross over after they have died.  In one of those series there is a doctor who counsels Hal that looks exactly like my old shrink.  My doctor is the 21st century version of Sigmund Freud.  He looks a little like the Architect of the Matrix.  When I spotted the doll set of the doctor and the Spectre I had to buy it.    

You would laugh really hard if you saw him and the doll at the same time.  It's too bad they ended the Hal as Spectre series, but then again, no one was buying it. 

Some people never wake up.

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