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Monday, September 27, 2010

A'jad's weird week in Big Apple -

Where's Mahmoud?

There is a strange level of irony when someone who:
Was a crony of one of the worst lunatic dictators of all time,
Is a Holocaust denier,
Is in office based on a clearly fixed election,
Is the puppet of a regime that kills protesters in the street, captures others and summarily executes them, and has a long list of others awaiting "trials" that should result in death sentences or life in prison;

Claiming the Americans were behind 9/11.

Mahmoud is a puppet
Mahmoud is a dilettante
Mahmoud is an opportunist
Mahmoud is a hypocrite
Mahmoud is a liar
Mahmoud is not really in charge

But I supposes "it takes one to know one" when it comes to exposing lies.

A'jad's weird week in Big Apple -

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