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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Script and the Screenplay - Part 3

The great prophet was very adept at assisting in the development of the software program. The project relied on his financial education and his interest in personal computer technology that was just beginning to become useful to people everywhere. The people he worked with were elitists from a rich but racially divided nation. There was an extreme irony in that people at the prestigious university he graduated from had protested loudly for the university to not conduct business with people from this nation, and a few years later, the great prophet was working with these people himself. The great prophet's alien father had little interest in these matters, did not actively participate in the development of the software, but gave the people in the company a lot of money and was very good at selling things. He believed he could sell anything, even things he did not understand. The great prophet's father was expert at influencing people and the use of "buzzwords."

During the development phase of the software program the great prophet befriended many of the people who worked in the penthouse suite of the building his alien father rented offices in. Many people came and went. Most notably he saw a beautiful woman he attended school with when he was a young boy. He also befriended a successful older woman from Australia. She was quite fond of the great prophet, gave him a book she wrote, and discussed developing her own software program. Later on, the great prophet visited her at her apartment home near the ocean to critique the program she hired other individuals to create. Although she "put it out there" on several occasions, he did not pick it up. She gave him a boomerang to remind him of their encounters. Remarkably, the great prophet would move to that apartment community many years later.

Eventually, the great prophet helped steer the software program to its release after providing many different logical enhancements, and despite the fact he was frequently opposed by those he worked with. The basketball team that played down the street from where he was born was experiencing tremendous success, despite some lapses of focus. He also went on a date with a stunningly attractive young lady, who arrived intoxicated and refused to spend more than a few hours with the great prophet because he did not provide candy for her nose. Soon after that, the great prophet met a woman who was close to one of his high school friends. They fell in love and spent some sweet intimate time together. She then went on a trip and fell in love with another man she would wind up marrying. The girl he had chosen before she was born decided she wanted to become a famous recording artist and was developing an interest in basketball, as well.

Soon conflict arose between the great prophet and one of the people in the company who was stealing the great prophets father's money and threatening to sabotage the company at any time. The great prophet thought this man might be able to be trusted because he had lost interest in having intercourse with his evil sister. However, he was often dismayed at the way this saboteur treated people in the neighborhood. The great prophet's alien father responded by hiring more people at high wages. The great prophet became his alien father's eyes and ears within the company.

The software program was very warmly received by many industry professionals. Soon after its release, a favorable review of the program gave people the erroneous impression a new revision would be released soon. Sales stopped almost immediately. The woman that fell in love with the great prophet and then another man returned to visit the great prophet and there was much high drama between them including a brush with death when he nearly drove his car into stopped traffic while he was flirting her. During this time, the great prophet developed painful warts on the bottoms of his feet and deciding he needed yet another operation on his nose in order to breathe properly. He had the large lump removed from his buttocks where the alien implant had been. This wound took a long time to heal. Despite these physical setbacks he was able to move residences as drug trafficking had overtaken his home and the landlords were blind to the extreme hazard to their tenants. A very popular comedy variety program continued to parody him. The great prophet enjoyed retelling their jokes to his friends so much it became unclear who was parodying whom.

The great prophet left town with the saboteur to promote the software program. The trip was successful but the great prophet returned home ahead of schedule when the mother of his alien father died three months short of her 97th birthday. An ally of the software company, which had provided many assurances of future support, decided it would be best to hire away the development team of the software company thus completely eliminating any chance of further software releases. The great prophet became the caretaker of the company's closure. He also developed hemorrhoids of immense proportions.

At this time, he befriended several people who shared offices in the adjoining suites of the new building the software company moved to. Most of the suites were inhabited by an ascending media giant from the other side of the pond that did not employ any people that resembled the company's corporate name. He also befriended a woman who slept with a few of the men he worked with and helped her with her studies. He had many frank discussions with her and she met the man she would marry. But it was not the great prophet himself. The girl the great prophet had chosen many years ago was not yet mature. About this time, he was haunted by the nightmare known as the "cat dream" so that he would be reminded she was jealous of his association with females. Women he associated with had the same nightmare.

At first, the great prophet's new residence seemed to be a good choice. Three days after his move he almost threw himself off his own balcony in exuberance because the LORD responded to his wish for a miracle in the World Series. He dated a few different ladies that deemed themselves unworthy when they realized the great prophet was the Savior. He was taken away from the ladies into the skies when they slept at his home. The great prophet became angry with the LORD and refused him. This was a very dangerous time in the great prophet's life and his brushes with death and conflict with other people increased dramatically. More of this property was stolen. His careless neighbors from a godless nation began attempting to burn the large residence down. The great prophet confronted them about this in front of all the other neighbors. This made him unpopular. Many other criminals were apprehended on his street at this time and helicopters awoke him on several occasions. It was at this time that the great prophet began making friends in other parts of the world by communicating with them with his computer. He began his own business of solving others people's problems with their computers and created a new invention. He asked the LORD for success with it and cursed his enemies with it. The U.S. Patent Offices granted it the designation D 336,800.

The armed conflict the great prophet had commanded had come to a close with no clear settlement of the issue but thousands upon thousands dead. The great prophet prayed the great prophet of Doom to death and gave the software company saboteur a deadly disease as well. Belief in the LORD was increasing and the world was on the verge of resolving many old conflicts. Some people call this the turning point in the history of the planet. A musical group named "Jesus Jones" wrote a popular song about it.

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