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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Posted on September 29, 2007 on MySpace

Does anybody care?
Actions will always speak louder than words
Finger In The Sky
Outside The Box
But people in the vicinity
Continue to turn their backs
Meeting with Muhammad
But no one really cares
Go on a suicide mission
Again and again
But we cannot bear to hear the truth
Please, go back inside, puppet boy
A salute outside of San Diego
Followed by a lame Charade
And no one comes to help me
And no one wants me to explain the signs in the sky
Until it is too late
Technical Difficulties
And so much bad acting
An island dream
Is not ready yet
Build a new bridge
And then miscalculate the approach
The world is full of fools
Make it a joke
So we can steal your material
You are all hypocrites
Is there anybody out there?
Does anybody care?
Separated ribs and cartilage
And here's the bill
after my ATM card is stolen
Suck up some Lyme disease
And save myself
Tend to your own wounds, this time
All of you point your fingers at some one else
Just Do It?
No, You Do It
The lesson of June 17th
And no one understands
And no one calls to ask me how I feel about it
The birds are nice
But give us glowing beads
Go get some help, buddy
Get yourself a job
With lunacy frolicking behind my back
Stronger, stronger
I am your friend?
But you are not mine
So I shrug my shoulders
And roll my eyes
At the end of June, there was
A blazing light in the sky
And Blue Up
After passing dead coyotes
Lord, we are frying and dying
Gestures do not feed
And the well ran dry a long time ago
Why do the girls flirt with me?
But cannot give of themselves?
Without it, your middle name is "So What?"
I am supposed to chase them?
How do I know where they are?
I am supposed to pick them up?
No.  They are supposed to get me.
It should all belong to me
But my pockets are empty
I am the spike in your eyes
Buy this, throw away that
It all does cost money, you know
I do not fly through the air at will
His Finger In The Sky!
And the Scriptures are edited, just as I said
Just as predicted
And more
But is there something missing?
He is my best friend
But I don't know where he lives
Let me see the thumb
How do you do it?
You listen, but you do not do as I say!
Buy the black hot rod
So we can see it
And then steal it
How can you ruin the vision?
How greedy can you get?
Treat me like a child
How dare you!
He sent me
And you would chop me up
To be your man made by committee?
None of you can transform me to your likeness
And that is what made my brain twist and churn
And then cave in on itself
Hero of every faith and path
Is a walking contradiction
And the King of Pain
I do not fly through the air at will
Just a trip in the cloud tube
Now and then
I have been seen all over the world
Please, put some clothes on
Do not tell me what to do
See me
Feel me
Hear me
Touch me
Or cameras at varying distances
You told me you love me
So I don't understand
Why promises are snapped in two
and words are made to bend
(the bigger the better)
Some stolen from Japan
Collected from around the world
They'll catch you if they can
And freedom is mine

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