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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Tragedy

Posted on Feb. 28,  2008 on my SPACE

There once was a boy who knew the truth and he lived in a plastic bowl.  He was able to assume different forms, see what others could not and absorb what others refused to accept.  Soon after he was placed in the bowl, other people could see him.  And soon after that, they began to see what he could see before even he could see it.  He reminded them of someone else.  These people asked him to interpret what he saw before he saw it.  But he never found a way to turn rocks into bread.

People began to shoot at him for speaking the truth, and people from all over the world took their stab at him.  He decided it was best not to defend himself.  He hoped that other people would remember what he went through for them.  He thought at some point there would be people to defend him.  But people soon forgot about him after he healed them and asked him for money to give him what he needed to survive.  People took credit for his ideas.  They also stole his things.  The girls who loved him ran away.  His friends became his enemies and his enemies became his friends.

Everyone wanted to be like him.  They began to think they could be him better than he could.  They made enormous amounts of money pretending to be him.  It went on and on for so long they began to think he was here to be abused and mocked.  Fight all of their battles for them then forget about what happened after it was over.  Cruel girls teased him and gave him orders.  They did not bother to visit him but they missed him after he went away.  They expected him to forgive them for tormenting him.  There was evidence of his accomplishments all around them.  And people became offended when he pointed out their hypocrisy.  They demanded he work twice as hard as they did.  He attracted a lot of evil people.

The boy became hungry and angry.  He chased after his friends and enemies.  And the people watched, laughed, and turned their backs on him again.  He struck back at those who hurt him most.  And those people were dumbfounded he ever got mad at all.  Other people took a lot of pictures of him.

Then, one day, when he ran out of options, he went back to his original plan and consumed his family.

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