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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A YouTube Report

This blog is about something I have noticed about viewership on my YouTube channel.

The last year has seen an increase in my viewers. I attribute that primarily to the larger number of videos available. This is what is normally expected: more content translates to more exposure, more videos refer back, higher chance of being found in searches, more opportunities to bring people to the channel. Even though two videos, which happen to feature visually stimulating female subjects, have garnered the largest audiences, overall viewership is higher.

Recently, I have attempted to draw more viewers through different means of promotion. I am not sure if that or some of the more recent uploaded videos have been the cause but viewers has increased by about twenty percent.

I have also noticed the demographics of the recent audience is different. For a long time the demographic has been closely reflective of myself. No, I don't spend a lot of time "trolling" my own videos. I do make sure they run properly, on some different devices at various locations. That usually translates to about three views a video. The demographics have been overwhelmingly male, at about 75%, and mostly in the 44-54 age range. It has looked like I was the only one watching.

The last two weeks my channel's recorded demographic has changed. More viewers outside my demographic, particularly 65 and older and in the age group just younger than mine. Slight increases in the age groups even younger have been recorded. I am even more gratified to report the female audience has come to my channel. The last two weeks, 40% of my audience is female which is dramatically higher than before.

Even though I want to find a wider audience for my material I am encouraged that the demographics have shown viewership is now more reflective of the world as a whole. Perhaps this the start of something big.

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