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Monday, September 27, 2010

India:Still A Mystery

Was posted March 26, 2008

Is it possible India is as stupid as it is powerful?

That the one nation that should have treated me as its Lord

Many years ago

Never thought to invite me to visit?

Is it because the alien ship passage was removed from the Book of Daniel?

And you want aliens to come back?

You ALL should know who


is by now.

Why did it not cross your minds to take up a collection

And invite me to see your land?

I would have accepted this gift gladly.


I am supposed to pay for this passage? A man who has been treated as less than when he should have been treated as MUCH MORE than for at least 10 years?


You want me to save the world for you? Do all of you still think of me as a cartoon, movie, or doll for kids to play with? Is this a joke?

What do I get for it? Gestures of solidarity? Arguing amongst yourselves? Trying so very hard to place a woman as my equal or superior? Waiting until I am too old or there is too much to go over so that I really do not care anymore?

Are there more gods and goddesses that the devotees are awaiting still?


Is making me wait longer your way of trying to wear me down?

You think wealth will make me arrogant? It is this life where I have been forced to suffer for the likes of you that makes me arrogant! I had to have everyone’s interest at heart to make this work. Never to play favorites!

Who’s idea was it to provide some girls with rewards that belonged to me that they might buy me?

Is that your way of playing hardball with the ONE PERSON you should have spoken plainly with and honored so long ago?

It would have cost your nation so little!

I might have been able to help you more years ago.

I might have stayed until my hair was as long as the Ganges.

You think I am going to believe YOU now? That if you starve me MORE we will coerce The Creator and Sustainer into being kind to us? Did you place too many of my eggs in the basket of the person least deserving of it?

Do you think I am willing to listen to ANY of you if you want to tell ME how to act?


Eliminate the Devis and then I am willing to discuss WHAT I AM EXPECTING OF YOU!


Do not be embarrassed to BOW DOWN! To do so before talismans instead of me will only prove you are still stuck in prejudicial mindsets. Disrespect me and India’s potential goes down the drain!

You are only a part of the world that has proven I have human needs. Only a part of the world that starved me and took from me. A world too busy mocking me, torturing me, and playing stupid games behind my back to follow me? Because not a single House of Worship has YET to invite me to speak that makes you just the same as them? Believe the vision of the light bulbs and know your place in THAT vision!

You are believing in a fantasy if you think I am going to marry a girl I could be the grandfather of anytime soon!

Remember, I have become Ravenous, not only because of what happened in my neighborhood, but because millions in your country could have been much more practical and given me a firsthand glimpse of what could be. Spoken to me directly instead of spending money on Charades and following after me. Maybe I should go to my island alone! It would not be much different than where I am now. At least strange ladies will not bother me.

Thank you for following the instructions I gave in 2006.

Sorry I did not find my way into a limousine or whatever mystery treasure hunt I was supposed to find somewhere on my travels after FINGER IN THE SKY!

And I wish to thank all of you that begged our Creator for me to stay alive over the years.

You should all be practicing by now...
"Yes, Jesus Krishna!"
"Thank you, Jesus Krishna!"
"Bless you, Jesus Krishna!"
And so on...

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