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Friday, September 24, 2010

First seen on myspace on Feb 7, 2008

Dear Baby Nicole,
Give Me My Money and My Life Back.
Can you at least do that?
Can you give me the money for the $3000 suit?
How about the overcharges on the Gold Cherokee?
How about the money I "donated" to the scam artists?
How about the damages for the loss of the Hot Rod?
How about the expenses associated with the loss of my apartment where I commanded God's Finger In The Sky, saw Muhammad, and received Glowing Beads?
How about for cutting my ties with and then having to mend them and then getting cut off by the evil, twisted clown I call my Dad?
How about for spending more time with my ex-girlfriend than I have?
How about for trying to steal my dog?
How about for doing everything wrong?
How about for refusing my help when it was your last chance?
How about for all the things I have done to save the world and not getting any of the credit for it?
Where is my Matrix money?
Where is my Crocs money?
Where is my money for setting out the blueprint for fusion?
Where is my credit for setting the course to IP V6?
Where is my credit for withstanding being shot point blank in the back and the ass by Kamil and thereby avoiding a world wide nuclear holocaust?
Where is my credit for telling the world I would share with them but not getting it in the first place?
When are people going to worship me the way they should instead of celebrities?
When will the masses bow down before me like they should instead of harassing me for MORE money?
The fiery sword has already come down on me enough times.  Now hear this:
Two thirds will be removed and one third will remain.
Two thirds will be removed and one third will remain.
Two thirds will be removed and one third will remain.
The Cows on I-5 I drove by while I attended Cal and the Calf born this last year.
The raccoons.
The golden eagle.
The pillars of fire.
It is high time the world started hearing what I tell them and JUST DO IT!

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