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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Script and the Screenplay - Part 2

By the time the great prophet graduated from the prestigious university his lower jawline had grown much too far forward. Even though he had undergone extensive orthodontia from ages nine to seventeen he would have to undergo an extreme corrective operation to alleviate Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorder and the certainty of grinding his teeth down to nubs. He believed continuing on to law school was the best course of action as he envisioned practicing law in the field of protecting the property rights of people he grew up with. 

At that time, his biological father had embarked on a business venture to create a computer software program even though he was afraid of computers himself. While the great prophet went to law school and underwent extreme orthodontia in preparation for the surgery, he suffered a severe injury to his knee while playing his favorite sport that required an operation to fix. The place on his buttocks where the aliens had placed the implant, that he removed himself, hardened and became swollen making it difficult to sit. Almost all the women the unusual man described to the great prophet had been born.

The war on the other side of the globe against the man the LORD commanded him to fight continued to be fought with many people dying and much of the world concerned the conflict would spread further to the countries that where helping both sides. There was also a growing epidemic of a deadly virus that was spreading around the globe that no one was able to cure. The place he lived at that time was a small apartment building where several relatives of well-known celebrities lived. There were ever-present threats that the virus was being spread right outside his door. The operation on his face was successful but he barely survived. Despite the best efforts of the doctors the great prophet had residual numbness in his face where his lower jaw had been removed, reduced in size, then reattached.  It was during this time in the hospital, while he was barely able to stand, that the LORD allowed him to procreate without intercourse. This secret was not revealed to the great prophet until much later.   The great prophet was not making much progress in the tasks the LORD had given him.  Many people remember seeing the great prophet in their dreams around this time.  They wrote more songs about those dreams.

The great prophet often saw children with dolls that resembled the descendant from the future. Many more movies where being made that had time travel themes contained within them. The great prophet’s sister had found a second live-in lover, a man from the other side of the globe, which she hoped to mold into someone productive, and when the opportunity presented itself, to kill the great prophet. She would continue this pattern several times. Give the great prophet a book he would find interesting, find a man who needed a home, make him believe things the way she believed in them, get him to befriend the great prophet, then convince the man to kill the great prophet. She never forgave the great prophet for being chosen by the LORD and always fancied herself to be a greater prophet, despite her uncanny similarity to the great prophet of Doom on the other side of the globe. 

There were also many other conflicts in other regions of the globe. Many people at this time devoted themselves to alien worship.  The great prophet’s mother became very depressed but could not separate herself from her alien husband or gain adequate space from her evil daughter.  She told her son the great prophet confusing stories about the women he might marry, the ones the unusual man described many years before.

Soon the great prophet realized he was unable to keep up with his studies at law school and withdrew from the school before they asked him to leave. He was really happy just to be alive. By this time the great prophet had been using many types of intoxicants both legal and illegal. He went on a trip North and while visiting some friends from the university he browsed a store that sold items for witches. He bought a small figurine and a mysterious poster there. He thought these items might make him feel better. The great prophet played computer games in his spare time after agreeing with his father to assist him in the computer software venture.


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