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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It Is Worse This Time

Post on the blog on myspsce on September 5, 2007

God did not send me to be CHRIST this time
You made me that
Someone had the bright idea
To give some strange corporation access to my reward
For saving this planet
Then have everyone else tell me
"You figure it out."
You would take all you could from me
And not offer anything in return
Spy on me and create a whole new world
You could take credit for
Never dare to judge me
Never tell me how to act
Never question my intentions
Never question my motives
Why do people ask the impossible of me
Then rip me off?
Because all the flavors of wickedness work together
In this overly materialistic world
To crush me again and again
I have felt my brain twist and snap
More times than I can count
If you knew then what you know now
And thought outside the box
So many people would not have suffered and died needlessly
Especially my Mom
I never chose suffering
You did that to me
Remember that, when I die
I will die BECAUSE of your sins

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