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Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Eleven

I wrote this on March 11, 2008

What does Three Eleven mean to you?
Does it make you think about the group 3-1-1?
And Amber is the color of your energy?
We know who that is, now.
The Cat People! And Nicole specifically.
Very Sexy people, indeed.
But the Lusty Ones, the home-wreckers
are what is destroying this planet.
Is that too difficult to understand?
Sexual proficiency is not a virtue
no matter how good it makes you feel.
They cannot be trusted for very long.
Nicole has been my curse for about 30 years.
Does that amuse you?
It should not.
Spare her for being female?
Because she has a good voice?
Please, do not be ridiculous.
That response flies in the face of logic and faithful devotion.
There are also 3 years, 1 month, and 11 days that
separate the births of me,
and my evil sister
and who knows how many other lunatics
who cannot be fixed or cured.
These people threaten us with their insanity.
I can avoid most of them
but she is sucking all that is left of what my Mother
helped my shape-shifting father build.
Does anyone else see the crime in that?
He does not.
Everyone else should.
The vision of the large chaotic light being extinguished.
You know, her and those like her
and the single light bulb above the other
peaceful orderly light bulbs
is being held in check because too many people think
they know better than I do what is right?
Oh, the pomposity of wickedness!
I only have utter contempt for people who want to use
First is Last and Last is First against me.
There is no substitute for justice and doing your part to fulfill the holy message our Creator deemed for me.
No matter how many people want to disbelieve.
Holding me back only hurts you and means you fall further behind me.
I have already seen the worlds beyond this one and with your help we can settle there peacefully.
There really is nothing to fear but fear itself.
Ask anyone who has met me recently.
I have the strength to ease your mind.
But subjecting me to further humiliation past the current hour is counter-productive.
I am sorry there were so many of you that did not believe.
The future generations will make it up to you.
Some people might think this is too soon.
While others hoped this day would come sooner.
And always people who have a reason not to do something.
Think about our ancestors that missed this time completely!
There is only timing.
Only I have really shown there is a power that can alter clockwork.
The One that created it and owns it.

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